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Wait For You EXTRA READ: Believe in Me by Jennifer L Armentrout

Believe In Me

by Jennifer L Armentrout

Published by Avon Impulse

Short story in the Wait for You series

as part of the Fifty First Times Anthology

Brit and Ollie

Want to know what happens between Brit and Ollie, when they become a thing? Grab a copy of Fifty First Times to read Believe in Me, and maybe find more authors you want to check out in this anthology.

This is too short to write a review on, but it's super sweet, and I highly recommend if you are reading the Wait for You series!

Where to Buy:

Paperback (Amazon)

Favorite Quotes:

Ever since I was twelve years old, I had a knack for obtaining company of the feminine kind.

Hell. When I died, my tombstone would read something like: Here lies Oliver (Ollie) Ryan. He sure got a lot of play in his charmed life.

And I didn't discriminate.

Cougar. Kitten. Black. White and every shade of skin tone in-between. Curvalicious and then some or skinny as a sheet of paper, it didn't matter. I just loved females and they loved me.

All except for one girl.

Brittany Simmons had never been a fan of my happy - and quite delectable - ass. My med school would be paid for if I had a buck for every time she rolled her eyes at me when I suggested we get to know each other better or walked away from me while I was in the middle of telling her something extremely important.

Like how great we'd look together in my bed.

Maybe I needed to buy her a turtle. That seemed to have worked for Cam.

Then again, she'd probably throw the turtle in my face and that wouldn't be fun, but she'd look hot doing it.

Ollie: "Believe it or not ..."

I'd leaned down, tweaking the tip of her nose

Ollie: "I'm smarter than most people realize."

Her nose had scrunched as I pulled back.

Brit: "I know you are. That's the one thing I like about you, Ollie. You're smart."

Ollie: "The only thing you like about me?"

Brit: "It's not the only thing. You have a nice ass."

Brit: "Are you going to behave yourself?"

Ollie: "Of course. For you."

Ollie: "Why hasn't there ever been something between us?"

Brit: "Maybe ... maybe it's because you've never asked."

Ollie: "A date? I wasn't sure where I could fit in asking you out in between you threatening to kick me in the balls and walking away from me."

Brit laughed

Brit: "Maybe if you tried to fit it in, I wouldn't threaten to do anything bad with your balls and I wouldn't walk away."

Ollie: "So you'd do nice things with my balls?"

Brit: "Why me? Why now?"

Ollie: "I miss you. I missed you more than Cam and Jase. And I don't really know why. But I miss your smart mouth. I miss how you never give into me. I miss looking forward to seeing you. And when I leave on Sunday, I know I'm going to miss you even more now that I know how you taste and feel."

Ollie: "Is it too late?"

Brit: "We have tonight, don't we?"

Ollie: "Seeing your sister all grown up and at a frat party makes me feel old."

Cam snorted as he took a drink from his bottle.

Cam: "You and me both."

He stiffened as he followed my gaze to where the girls were huddled together and then pinned me with a look that would've shriveled my balls.

Cam: "Don't you be getting any ideas about her."

I laughed

Ollie: "Your sister is hot, but it's not who I'm looking at."

Understanding and a bit of relief flashed across his face.

Cam: "Ah, Brit?"

Ollie: "I need to borrow you for a second, si?"

Brit's eyes went heavenward, but her cheeks flushed a pretty shade of pink.

Brit: "I'll be right back. Senor Fucktard can't want me for that long."

Ollie: "It'll be a while."

All of this was to get her out of my system, but deep down, I knew I'd be fucked if I really believed this would work, because now her taste, her scent, and her breathy moans would forever be imbedded in my system, smacked with a label "mine" and filed away.

Ollie: "Damn Brit ... I could get used to seeing you like this."

Her cheeked flushed

Brit: "For real?"

Ollie: "Yeah, for real."

Brit: "That doesn't sound like you."

Ollie: "I'm not me when I'm around you. I mean, maybe I am me when I'm around you."

A smile pulled at her lips

Brit: "Oliver Ryan. I think you might actually like me."

Ollie: "I do."

Brit: "I like you too. I like you a lot."

Ollie: "I haven't been with anyone since I left for med school."

Her eyes widened

Brit: "Seriously?"

Ollie: "Yeah. Not a single person."

Brit: "Why?"

Ollie: "It's because of you."

Brit: "Me?"

I nodded and the words just dumped right out of my mouth

Ollie: "The night before I left? When you kissed my cheek and asked me to behave? Well, I .... I don't know. I just haven't been interested in anyone, because you've gotten under my skin and I thought - fuck, I don't know what I thought."

Brit's eyes were so wide I wondered if it was painful for her.

Ollie: "I thought by coming here, getting shot down by you or getting with you, would get you out of myself, but that's not that's going to happen. I know t hat. ANd I wanted this to be good for you."

Brit: "Wait. You really like me."

I stared at her.

Brit: "And it has been great for me so far. So let's just get that straight, but back to the other part. You really like me."

Ollie: "I do."

She shook her head.

Brit: "I don't understand why."

Ollie: "Are you crazy? Wait. Don't answer that. You are a little crazy, and I like it. You're a smartass. You're funny as hell. You don't take shit from anyone, especially me. You're smart. You're absolutely beautiful to me and you always saw more than anyone else when you looked at me. So yeah, I like you. I really like you. And when you said you wanted to see me again, that you didn't want this to be a one night thing, well, you know how that affected me. It ended up all over your hand."

Ollie: "I like you, Brit, and this ... this is a first for me, so I'm probably going to sound pretty stupid."

Brit: "I don't think you will."

Ollie: "I want ... I want to do things right with you. I want this."

I groaned when she shifted, pressing that sweet ass down.

Ollie: "I really want this with you, but I want it to be different. I want to go out with you - take you on a date, the movies, dinner - anything. I don't want us to start this out hooking up."

Brit: "What is this?"

Ollie: "I don't know. A relationship? Yeah, that sounds about right. Me. You. Doing the ..."

Brit: "Boyfriend and girlfriend thing?"

Ollie: "Yeah, that thing."

My face heated and I wanted to kick myself.

Brit: "You're blushing!"

Ollie: "Thanks for pointing that out."

Brit: "This really is a first time for you. I like that idea, Ollie. A lot."

Ollie: "You do?"

Brit: "Yeah. I do."

Ollie: "Hot damn."

I captured her mouth and took the kiss to a different kind of level that left us both breathless.

Brit: "But you know what?"

She reached between us, wrapping her hand around me. I kicked, throbbed.

Brit: "This is the twenty-first century. We can do it and then go eat dinner. Right?"

My smile spread as I leaned back, giving her space to do her thing. I hardened, and Brit was right, this was the twenty-first century, so ...

Ollie: "God, you're fucking perfect."

She grinned.

Brit: "I know."

My laugh ended in a deep groan, and the last thought before I all but tackled her ass on the bed was that this was a first, a start - a new beginning - and I couldn't wait to take this ride.

And buy her a damn tortoise.


Check out the rest of the Wait for You series below!

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