Wait For You EXTRA READ: Believe in Me by Jennifer L Armentrout

Believe In Me

by Jennifer L Armentrout

Published by Avon Impulse

Short story in the Wait for You series

as part of the Fifty First Times Anthology

Brit and Ollie

Want to know what happens between Brit and Ollie, when they become a thing? Grab a copy of Fifty First Times to read Believe in Me, and maybe find more authors you want to check out in this anthology.

This is too short to write a review on, but it's super sweet, and I highly recommend if you are reading the Wait for You series!

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Favorite Quotes:

Ever since I was twelve years old, I had a knack for obtaining company of the feminine kind.

Hell. When I died, my tombstone would read something like: Here lies Oliver (Ollie) Ryan. He sure got a lot of play in his charmed life.

And I didn't discriminate.

Cougar. Kitten. Black. White and every shade of skin tone in-between. Curvalicious and then some or skinny as a sheet of paper, it didn't matter. I just loved females and they loved me.

All except for one girl.

Brittany Simmons had never been a fan of my happy - and quite delectable - ass. My med school would be paid for if I had a buck for every time she rolled her eyes at me when I suggested we get to know each other better or walked away from me while I was in the middle of telling her something extremely important.

Like how great we'd look together in my bed.

Maybe I needed to buy her a turtle. That seemed to have worked for Cam.