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Tuesday Ten March 17th 2020

Happy Saint Patty's Day Fellow Book Nerds! This week's #TuesdayTen 's post will be the top 10 Luckiest book characters that I know of. Maybe next year it will change with my growing list of read books. Who do you think are the luckiest book characters? Have any book suggestions? Let me know in the comments!

10. Justin & Adrienne from All The Wrong Reasons

Why they are lucky: Because destiny saves them from unhappy relationships and obligations.

9. Jas & Julianne from All The Wrong Places

Why they are lucky: Because after so many years, and not even having each other's real name, they find each other.

8. Sookie Stackhouse from the Sookie Stackhouse series

Why she is lucky: Because despite how many times she is a danger, or has been on the cusp of death, she lives. Let's not forget, she has a trail of hot, decent men who want nothing more than to be with her.

7. Claire & Jamie from the Outlander series

Why they are lucky: Soulmates that would have never found each other without the magic of time travel. Even with all the bad stuff that happens, they fight, and overcome it, find one another again after two decades, and finally have a home together.

6. Fen & Arianna from the Vampire Girl series

Why they are lucky: Because in the end, they end up together, despite war and feuding brothers, end up married, and having children, and ruling Infernia peacefully for a time. Lets not forget, that because of their vampire & Fae blood, they get to be together forever.

5. Brianna & Roger from the Outlander series

Why they are lucky: and why am I ranking them above Jamie and Claire? Just like them, they are soulmates, lucky enough to be brought because of Claire's traveling through time. It's their ability to travel through the stones as many times as they do that rank them higher, and their children who seem to have a bit of the stones magic in their blood, and benefit from being able to go travel the stones, that gets them higher on the list.

4. Jace from the Mortal Instruments series

Why he is lucky: Um, how about for the sheer face that he lives despite the freakin' odds. The added bonus that he ends up with Clary in the end, after everything they have been through makes him one lucky Shadowhunter.

3. The Wird Girls from the Weird Girls series

Why they are lucky: Because the curse that should have made them suffer and die, backfired and gave them their supernatural abilities, the amount of times they should have died (especially Celia) and lived, and finding their soulmates.

2. Harry Potter

Why he is lucky: Because he lived despite the most powerful dark wizard of all time trying to kill him ... multiple times. And he lives a relatively normal life afterwards, and has a family he never thought he would have.

1. Daemon & Katy from the LUX series

Why they are lucky: This was a hard choice for me. I spent longer than I want to admit mulling over if Harry Potter or Daemon and Katy should take number one slot. (And tried really hard not to let my bias get in the way, because the LUX series just slightly edges into the number one slot of favorite book series, just ahead of Harry Potter). So why did they win out? Harry Potter had Voldemort and his followers to fight against, but he also had knowledge and magic on his side as well, and it's all the same magic. Daemon and Katy, fight not only against their Government's Daedalus program, but the Arum, the Luxen's enemy, and a different race of alien, and the invading Luxen, who have no shred of humanity, and bent on taking over, and they win ... and end up married and eventually having a child. And Daemon gets his brother back, and his sister is still safe ... luck is on their side.

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