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Tuesday Ten February 11th, 2020

It's Valentine's Day this week, so why not cave, and do what everyone else is doing, by going with the theme of looooovvvvvvveeeeeee.

For my very first #tuesdayten post, I am going to give you my personal top ten favorite literary couples. Enjoy my lovelies!

10. Brianna and Roger from the Outlander Series

Some Outlander fans are not in love with Brianna and Roger's story, but I am. Just like Bri's parents, their love cannot be broken by time or distance, and the strength they find in one another gets them through the rough patches.

Side note: #outlander premieres this Sunday, Feb. 16th SO excited!

9. Georgie and Andrew from Walk of Shame

You can check out my review here.

These two complete opposites make my top ten list because their story was lighthearted, and fun. I love a story that makes me laugh, but also love a story that has characters that balance each other out so well. Georgie is fun, energetic, joyful ... Andrew is shy, serious, and rigid. They bring out each others best and worse traits, and end up being ridiculously perfect for one another.

8. Cole and Penelope from Irresistibly Yours

Irresistable is the perfect word to describe this couple. Cole and Penelope's story is freaking adorable. Both of them are passionate about sports, and their jobs, and are both such kind-hearted people ... it makes sense that they would fall for one another. Their attraction goes beyond looks; they fall for the people they are on the inside.

7. Julianne and Jin from All The Wrong Places

This is honestly a love story like no other, and I couldn't help but include Julianne and Jin on my top ten couples list. One of these days I will review their story, but for now, lets leave it at this: despite a very short time together, seven years apart, a child conceived that he has no idea exists, and them being unable to find the other because they both gave false names ... they still love one another, and the passion between Julianne and Jin is off the charts. Off. The. Charts.

6. Adrienne and Justin from All The Wrong Reasons

Adrienne and Justin's forbidden romance ends up on my list because while the circumstances of them getting together aren't the best (she was cheating on her long time boyfriend, but we forgive her, because he is a douche), they embody absolute true love. He is willing to do anything to be with her ... even if it means his family disowning him. She is willing to let him go, so he doesn't know the pain of losing his family. I won't spoil the end for you ... just know, this story, this couple, is incredible.

5. Ari and Fen from Vampire Girl

I kid you not, despite the corny as fuck title and cover, this book ... this series, is actually rather great. I love myself a prickly male protagonist with lots of depth, and Fen has substance. I love the premise of vampires being demons, and how Ari gets involved with the seven sinful brothers. The story is enchanting, and Ari and Fen's love is full of obstacles. It's worth it in the end though, for more reasons than one.

4. Will and Tess from The Infernal Devices

This is a hard one for me, because I totally sympathize with Tess here. She loves Will ... passionately. She also loves Jem. Hell, they are both great guys. I know in the end it works out the way it was meant to, but give it to Cassandra Clare ... it was hard to pick which guy I liked more. In the end, I feel like Will brought out a passion in Tess she didn't have before, and their love for one another is so ... pure.

3. Lincoln and Daisy from Someone Like You

Okay, this story broke me, and is my favorite from the Sex, Love and Stiletto series AND Oxford series books. Lincoln's devotion for his fiance, despite knowing they can never have the life they were planning together, is probably the most heartbreaking and sweetest thing I have ever read. This is a love story interwoven with tragedy and grief, and inner demons. Daisy and Lincoln's relationship going from trusting confidants and instant friendship, to building attraction and love ... UGH! This couple had my heart pounding and I was crying ... CRYING!

2. Claire and Jamie from Outlander

Talk about a couple who were destined to be with one another ... Claire and Jamie's story is epic passion, love, and heartbreak. If it was a few months ago, I would have easily given them the number one spot.

and my #1 pick ..... Katy and Daemon from The LUX series

You can check out my review for the first book here

Katy and Daemon's love story takes number one, because their love for one another is so strong, nothing will keep them apart. They will do anything for the other. Add their love with their insane chemistry and the passion that leaps off the page, they totally deserve the number one slot.

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