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Tuesday Ten Feb. 18th, 2020

This week in my little province, we celebrated a little something called Family Day. So this weeks theme ... my top ten favorite literary family ... enjoy, and let me know your favorite family in the comments! #tuesdayten #tuesday #family #books #bookreviews

10. The Starks from Game of Thrones

I mean, sure, things go to shit pretty quickly for them, but you can't deny they love each other. #gameofthrones

9. Ana, Christian, and Teddy from Fifty Shades Freed

I know, I know ... it's a little odd. I haven't posted my thoughts on The Fifty trilogy ... maybe one day I will ... but while I think the writing it truly shitty, I actually kind of like the story. In this case, I love that having their surprise child actually makes them closer than ever, and how devoted Christian is to being the best father.


8. The Everdeen Family from The Hunger Games

I know that while the mother of the family has some problems, you can't deny the close bond between Katniss and her little sister Prim. Not every sibling would volunteer in their sister's place as tribute. #hungergames

7. The Starks from All The Wrong Places

Not giving details here ... don't want to spoil anything. But this family unit in the making is just ... pure love. #allthewrongplaces

6.The Cuthbert Family in Anne of Green Gables

I swear I didn't just add them because I would be kicked out of the Maritimes if I didn't. The Cuthbert's is proof that family isn't blood. Its love. #anneofgreengables

5. The March Family from Little Women

Who can deny The March family on a top ten list? The bonds and love between every member is beautiful. #littlewomen

4. The MacKenzie's from the Outlander series

Brianna and Roger's undeniable love, and Roger stepping in as Jem's father, despite not knowing whether or not he is his biological father after Bri's rape (well, not knowing yet, anyway) is proof that family is not always black and white. The lengths they will go to for one another and their children just adds to why they are on my top ten. #outlander

3. The Frasers/The Randalls from The Outlander series

Do. Not. Kill. Me. Outlander. Fans.

Yes, The Frasers (Claire, Jamie and Brianna) are a beautiful family unit. But I am including The Randall's in there too (Claire, Frank, and Brianna). I know many people don't love Frank. But the guy was a father for Bri when Jamie wasn't able to be, and loved her deeply. Now that Jamie is able to be a father to Bri, she is a very lucky women to have two fathers who love her so much. #outlander

2. The Black Family from the LUX series

The original Black family trio (Daemon, Dawson and Dee) obviously deeply love one another, and support each other. The Black families love for one another only grows as Daemon marries Kat (and they are currently expecting in this spin-off series), and Dawson marries Beth (in which they have a daughter). And while Dee and Archer are not married, they might as well be. They all have each others backs, and all up in each others business ... I love it. Not just family here ... but best friends.


1. The Weasley's from Harry Potter

Because ... obviously. #harrypotter

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