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Tuesday Ten April 7th, 2020

For this weeks #TuesdayTen, I will be listing my top 10 kick ass fictional heroines. Happy Tuesday everyone! I only base these lists on what I have read, so if you have any suggestions, let me know and comment below.

10. Sookie Stackhouse

(The Sookie Stackhouse Series)

Sure, she gets injured ... a lot in the book series, but the girl gets shit done, and doesn't hesitate to do whats right ... even if its not what is best for her.

9. Claire Fraser/Brianna MacKenzie

(Outlander Series)

Claire is able to navigate life as a modern woman in the 1700's, risks her life to save her soulmate, tries to stop the battle of Culloden from happening, travels back in time to save her baby, and becomes a successful surgeon despite it being hard for a woman to do so, travels BACK to Jamie when she finds out he survived Culloden, and travels America with Jamie while he fights in the American Revolution. Brianna travels back in time to warn her parents what she found in a old newspaper, announcing their deaths by fire, in hopes of preventing it. By doing this, she ends up being brutally raped within days of marrying Roger, having a baby, shooting her rapist in the testicles, endures a kidnapping by her rapist, finds the strength to show mercy on him, travels back in time to save her daughters life, where she fights to protect her children from men who found out what her family can do. There is no denying this mother and daughter are a kick ass duo.

8. Ari

(Vampire Girl Series)

Ari willingly signs an oath to save her mothers soul and life, learns to make and use a sword, and willingly puts herself in dangerous situations to save her people, despite having enemies on both sides. In the end, she finds the strength to leave a peaceful and relaxing safe haven, to do whats right and save her new home, and the people in it.

7. Hermione Granger

(Harry Potter Series)

Her strength comes from her remarkable intelligence, her bravery, and loyalty. But she can obviously fight as well when she has to.

6. Emma Carstairs

(The Dark Artifices Trilogy, Shadowhunter Universe)

A member of the legendary Carstairs family, and present-day wielder of Cortana, Emma shows just how strong a woman can be, and doesn't hesitate to fight, and do what needs to be done.

5. Tessa Gray

(The Infernal Devices Trilogy, Shadowhunter Universe)

Brought up as a mundane, when Tessa was kidnapped, and forced to change her appearance, learning she was something not human, she quickly adapted, and used her intelligence, and eventually, warlock power to change appearance, to her advantage. She learned basics on how to fight and protect herself, and in the end, was able to bring down a madman and his army, saving everyone she loved. As an immortal, she finds the strength to move on after her husband, and children pass on, and continues to do what she can to do good in the world.

4. Clary Fray

(The Mortal Instruments Series, Shadowhunter Universe)

Raised as a mundane, she is thrust into the Shadowhunter world when her mother goes missing. In a world where she knows nothing, and no one to trust, she learns to fight, discovers powers no normal Shadowhunter has, and not only does she save her mother, her friends and soulmate Jace on multiple occasions, she does so with no hesitation. She not only faces down her biological father and kills him, but she does the same with her brother.

3. Katy Swartz

(The LUX Series)

As a human, she doesn't hesitate to put herself in harms way to save her friends (who happen to be aliens), and she stands up for herself when someone is being a ass to her. When she becomes a hybrid after Daemon heals her, and learns to control her powers and fight, she becomes an unstoppable force, especially when it comes to protecting Daemon, her friends, and her mother. She eventually ends up saving the world with Daemon by her side, by negotiating with the Luxen's enemies and having them kill the invading Luxen, and chase the survivors off.

2. Celia, Taran, Shayna, and Emme Wird

(Weird Girls Series)

Four women, living with powers bestowed on them from a backfired curse, each woman is kick ass in her own right. Celia, being able to turn into a Tigress, is incredibly strong and a fierce fighter, willing to do anything to protect her sisters, and Aric, her mate, and her unborn child. Taran is a force to be reckoned with, with the power to be able to wield fire and light, and her visions of bad things to come, she will also do anything to save her sisters, Gemini, her mate, and the people she loves. Shayna doesn't hesitate to use her ability to manipulate objects into a metal she has on her, making her useful for making an array of weapons, that she can use easily due to her being able to master any moves she see's on tv or in movies. She is always ready with her trusty toothpicks to protect her sisters, and her mate Koda. Emme is a gentle soul, but with her ability to heal those around her, and her telekinesis, she is able to throw down in a fight when she has to.

1. Katniss Everdeen

(Hunger Games Trilogy)

She might not have wanted to be the leader of the rebellion that ends up changing the country, but she ends up being the leader the rebellions need to defeat President Snow. She never hesitates to sacrifice herself to save someone she loves, and for that, she is an admirable character, and pretty kick ass.

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