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Top 10 Best Reads of 2023

Below are my top 10 books of the year! They may have made it on this list for different reasons. A relationship finally consummated. Love found. Strong women, honorable, respectful men. Funny. Emotional. Intriguing. For these reasons, and so many more, these books below are my top ten of the year.

10 (Loved) - 1 (Obsessed to an unhealthy degree)

10. The Summer we Fell

by Elizabeth O'Roark

Why: It stuck with me, all these months after first reading this book. The emotional angst of it, the story as a whole - beautiful and tragic. This book led me to reading a few other of Elizabeth's books, and she has quickly skyrocketed to one of my favorite authors.


9. The Sixteenth Need

by Calia Read

Why: Another story that has stuck with me since I've read it. It's a beautiful and heart-wrenching romance between two best friends from opposite sides of town. The tension and angst, along with the beautiful storytelling and amazing characters, makes this book one of my top ten.


8. Before Us

by Jewel E. Ann

Why: I read a lot, and while I retain a lot of information about those books, I forget a lot as well. Before Us is another book that stuck with me. It emotionally wrecked me, but I wanted more, and more, and more. A beautiful love story that starts out unconventionally.


7. The Red Herring

by Calia Read

Why: I've been waiting for the conclusion of Nat and Asa's story for so long, but it was so worth the wait. Calia Read writes books that stay with you LONG after you read them. The emotions, the tension, the angst, the steamy scenes that add so much to the true romance of it. The Red Herring blew me away.


6. The Emperor's Bone Palace

by Hailey Turner

Why: Hailey Turner's Infernal War Saga is one of the most complex and rich worlds I have ever immersed myself in. While they are lengthy books, I can tell so much care is put into her work. Not only is it one of the best worlds I've seen in a fantasy before, but every character - including the ones on the wrong side - are so richly developed that you truly enjoy any chapter POV you are about to jump into. The romance is a bonus, with every couple's chemistry jumping out of the page at you, and the steamy scenes are truly chef's kiss.


5. A Duet with a Siren Duke

by Elise Kova

Why: This story is so, so beautiful. Two different worlds: human and siren. Two beings of similar morals and heartache. Two beings finding each other and falling in love despite everything against them. The way Elise wrote this story was just perfect, and invoked so much emotion from me as the reader. How her books keep getting better and better in this series, I don't know, but she does it.


4. A Fire in the Flesh

by Jennifer L Armentrout

Why: Not only was so much answered and revealed in this book, I just really loved it. Ash and Sera's chemistry and bond was felt throughout the book, even when you don't get them a whole lot together in this one. We finally get to know more about Kolis, and can start really building on what we think will happen in the Blood and Ash series. Speaking of Blood and Ash, the things we learn in this book have some pretty crazy consequences for that series, and I can't wait!


3. Fall of Ruin and Wrath

by Jennifer L Armentrout

Why: This world is richly detailed and the characters are all interesting and likeable. Honestly, it got my brain spinning. I have a million theories about this book and while I'm still not sure if any of them will pan out, that fact that it had me in it's grip like it did - amazing. The story, the romance, the steam ... oh my the steam. I can't wait for the next book!


2. Iron Flame

by Rebecca Yarros

Why: Aside from that throne scene? haha. Honestly, it's everything. The story, the worldbuilding, the dragons, the romance, the sex, even the side characters - I just love it all. Add the bonus of it going in a completely different direction than I expected it to makes this series fun and fresh to read. The only reason this didn't get number one is because Violet and Xaden's arguing got on my nerves a bit.


1. Fourth Wing

by Rebecca Yarros

Why: See my reasons up above for Iron Flame ... but the addition of tension in Fourth Wing is what brings this to number 1

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