Tuesday Ten Mar. 3rd, 2020

It's March Break here (or spring break to some of you), and one of my favorite ways to relax, other than laying in bed with wine and a great book, is laughing with my family and friends. Here is my top ten list of funniest book characters that I have encountered so far.

10. Josh Tanner from To Have & To Hold by Lauren Layne

Heather: "For someone who complains about his mother's lack of boundaries, you're definitely crossing some on your own."

Josh: "What can I say, a chip off the old block. Also, 4C, can we talk about your bra choice?"

Heather: "No."

Josh: "Because I've got to tell you, if we're going to do the deed, I'd like to request something other than that light brown thing in your hand. It looks like something my grandma would wear."

Heather: "First of all, its a nude bra, not light brown."

Josh: "It's brown."

Heather: "Second of all, where on earth did you get the idea that we're going to do the deed?"

Josh: "You were muttering about needing a cold shower, and I can assure you that scratching the itch is a better solution than trying to stifle it."

Heather: "Gross."

Josh: "Also, I just saw your ass, and ... well done, 4C. From the day I met you, I knew you had sweet buns, and we just confirmed it."

#theweddingbelles #laurenlayne

9. Chloe Bellamy from Crushed

Chloe: "Well, of course he's protective of me. We're friends and you look like you collect virgins for a living."

Chloe: "Go forth and be loose with thy morals."

Chloe: "Did you finally realize that her personality's not worth the boner?"

Michael: *laughs* "Jesus, Chloe."

#crushed #laurenlayne

8. Brody Quaid from Once Loved by Cecy Robson