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Thoughtful Tuesday May 26th 2020

I literally have no thoughts for this #thoughtfultuesday.

Digging Deep here ...

Okay ... let's talk TV shows and Movies being sourced by books. Some people have some strong opinions on it. I, personally, enjoy shows and movies based from my favorite books.

As long as it's done right.

Lord of the Rings movies. Epic.

Harry Potter movies. Amazing.

Outlander. Perfection.

The Mortal Instruments TV show. Nope.

The movie was pretty good in my opinion.

True Blood ... after season 2 ... ugh.

Of course, there are movies that actually improved on the books *cough cough* Fifty Shades movies *cough*

I'm not even a stickler about staying absolutely true to the books that are being brought to life on screen. Although, I do empathize with those that do. All I ask is that it stays close to the book's story line. Don't add filler story-line to drag something out. When someone loves a story, they want to see the story, and the characters they imagined ... not cheap imitations of it/them.

There are books I would love to see on TV or movie screen. The LUX series for example. Original Sinners books would do well on HBO. The Dark Elements and its spin-off, the Harbinger series would make good movies/tv.

Again, and I stress, if done right.

*Script writers that don't butcher the books. Better yet, studios that ask their script writers to stay as close to the book(s) as possible.

*Casting done thoughtfully (I am not a stickler for finding actors/actresses who look exactly like what is described in the book. It's not possible most of the time, and I care far more for decent acting)

*Author input and involvement. (Some of the best episodes for Outlander were written by Diana Gabaldon herself)

So what do you think? Do you like seeing your favorite books come to life, or could you do without? What are some books you would like to see put on film? Let me know in the comments!

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