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Thoughtful Tuesday May 12th 2020

For this weeks #thoughtfultuesday, I ask, how are you all doing during this quarantine? For real? Are you enjoying it, or hating it, or somewhere in between? Has reading helped you escape?

For myself, I enjoy the perks of it. There are days I don't even put on a bra. I don't have to make the kids lunches for school, or fight with them to wake up in the morning. I have a ton of more time to read and play around on here.

But I hate it.

Believe me, I know why it's important. I believe it's helping. I also really dislike it. It's made me appreciate things that I never truly appreciated before. Before all this, there were nights I would rather stay at home and read than go out with a friend. Or go to work at my part-time job in a children's boutique that I truly enjoy. Hell, I would rather stay at home than do ANYTHING.

Not anymore.

Now that it's been forced upon me, I miss my best friend terribly. I never fully appreciated how sane she keeps me. I miss the gym. THE. GYM. I can't wait to go back and lose the weight I gained sitting around at home for the last two months. I miss my job, and working with my awesome boss and bestie. I miss the simple task of grocery shopping, without worrying if I am too close to the stranger next to me.

That being said, reading has helped me escape when I needed it the most. I love my family, but when you are stuck in the house for months with no physical contact with others ... you tend to go a little ... twitchy. So picking up a book has helped ease some of that stress and anxiety.

That being said, never again will I choose staying at home buried in a book over a few hours of socialization again. I never thought I would say that. I am an introvert after all. For now though, I will enjoy those moments I can get lost in a book and another world.

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