The Sexy Stanger by JA LOW book review

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

The Sexy Stranger

by JA Low

Published by JALow Books



This is not how I saw my life panning out.

Flying halfway across the world, leaving my dream job behind me all because my fiancé couldn’t keep it in his pants. Coming home to my family is the exact cure I need for my broken heart.

What I wasn’t expecting to see in my living room is a hot, naked, Italian man.

Did I mention, naked. I really shouldn’t be looking at his…


I’ve always lived by my family’s rules, but where has that gotten me?

A cheating fiancée. A scandal that will be national news by morning.

I need to get away and plan my next move. A remote cottage in the middle of Scotland seems the right place.

That is until an awkwardly cute brunette stumbles into my cottage in the middle of a snowstorm where I’m standing. Naked.

She can’t take her eyes off of my… I should go and put some pants on… shouldn’t I?


Sexually Explicit Romance Um.

Continuing the holiday theme around you, and in an effort to get my money's worth of my kindle unlimited subscription, I read JA Low's The Sexy Stranger. We get two points of view in this novel: Lilly, a doctor who leaves her dream job in Africa and her cheating fiancé to go home and surprise her sister for Christmas, and Luca, a famous Italian who is escaping his overbearing family, a cheating fiancé and the resulting scandal, by renting a cabin in the middle of no where, Scotland. Little does Lilly know, her sister, in an effort to surprise her in Africa, rents out their cabin/home to Luca. So when Lilly opens up her door, expecting her sister ... instead she gets an eyeful of a very naked, freshly showered Luca.

I feel like this could have been good. If there was a bit more build-up between the two, if the parts where they are actually getting to know one another were longer, I think it would have been okay. There is a "insta-love" connection here, which, if you have read my reviews before, you know I hate. Along with the romance, we get lots of sexy scenes, which are okay. It was hard to get past the amount of typos, sentences that didn't make sense, and some scenes that felt unfinished. One scene that stands out to me, is when Lilly and Luca are going at it against a wall, pictures are rattling, it's all hot ... then the next sentence is Luca tucking himself in post-coital. Like ... what? I feel like it was missing a paragraph or two there.