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Risky Game by Stacey Lynn

Risky Game

by Stacey Lynn


Book 4 in the Nashville Steel series

Romance between them is strictly off-limits, but forbidden attraction has never felt so irresistible…I’m playing a risky game…

I’m the brand new coach of the current Super Bowl Champions. If that isn’t hard enough, I’m also one of the youngest coaches in the league.

Coupled with a recently finalized divorce and the goal to take the team and the city of Nashville's fans by storm, my ex throws me for a loop when she says she’s sending our daughter to me so she can take an extended three-month vacation.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my little girl more than anything but suddenly becoming a full-time single dad and the Steele’s new coach rocks the turf beneath my feet. I need some help and I need it fast.

Enter Ruby Moore.

The answer to my prayers. She’s looking for a new start, is great with kids and is the perfect set of eyes to watch my daughter when I’m not around.

The problem? I think she is perfect for me too.

The other problem? She’s not only my nanny, but she’s also the younger sister of a guy I’m tasked with leading. She’s way too young and sweet for me and the way she loves Amelia makes my heart melt. I don’t expect her perfume to remind me of lazy beach days and for her smiles to become a craving I can’t live without. But I can’t stop thinking about her. Fleeting glances turn into deeper conversations and even more carnal nights.

Soon, she’s a forbidden addiction I can’t quit.

I know I'm playing a Risky Game, but can I keep the woman I've fallen in love with, while still maintaining the respect of the team I’m trying to lead to another Championship?



Cheating & stealing ex


Before I begin, I would like to thank Valentine PR and Stacey Lynn for sending me an arc of Risky Game in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Ohhhh, Risky Game was gooooooood.


The story. The characters. The romance. The sex.

The sex!

It was hot.

I always love when in a sports romance, we get a story focusing on the coach. Logan was a delicious character to add to this series. He is a touch older than the other guys, obviously their coach, but previously played, and stands apart from the other men because he doesn't have anything against relationships. I loved that he was able to admit his faults in his failed marriage. Ruby was fun. Responsible, independent, and also coming out of a long-term relationship. Despite her age - 23 - I didn't find her hard to relate to.

It's not just Logan and Ruby that I liked.

I loved the story.

Logan's overall arc of becoming a successful coach, and leading his team to victory, while balancing being a single father to his spirted 4-year old daughter was great. His self-awareness over how he failed his ex-wife was great. Ruby's arc of trying to get her life together after her failed long term relationship was just as great. While these two could have put their baggage on one another, we don't get that, and it's refreshing to read.

Actually, that is a great word to describe this book.


Not only because these two's obstacles are not what you assume they would be, but because of what they bring out of each other. Both characters have a sexual awakening, and I LOVE that both characters are exploring these different parts of themselves. It's something new for both of them, and I can't remember the last time I've read anything where both characters are discovering more within themselves.

It's also refreshing to read healthy communication and relationships between exes.

I love that.

Risky Game was a great addition to this series. While I think Stacey Lynn was only writing four books in Nashville Steel, with the way these books are written, she could easily continue on if she decides to one day. I hope she does. For now, I will have to just read her other books.

Risky Game is out today!

Coming soon!


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