Original Sinners Extra Read The Christmas Truce Novella

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

The Christmas Truce

by Tiffany Reisz

Published by 8th Circle Press

Prequel Novella to The Siren

“Look, it’s us,” Nora said, holding up a Peanuts-themed Christmas card. On the front was the blond pianist Schroeder, the black-haired muckraker Lucy, and Snoopy. 

“I’m the fucking dog?” Kingsley asked.

“You’ve humped your fair share of legs.”

After months of fighting a cold war with Søren, Kingsley and Mistress Nora sneak over to Sacred Heart in hopes of declaring a Christmas truce for one night with their infuriating priest. When the offer is accepted, the UnHoly Trinity celebrates the holiday together as only they can.

The Christmas Truce is a free novella set in Tiffany Reisz's award-winning Original Sinners universe. This story takes place three Christmases before the first book in the series, The Siren.


Steamy Erotica Feel Good

BDSM Bittersweet

Who knew a Christmas novella could be so wonderful and deliciously sinful all at the same time? Enjoy this Christmas novella by grabbing the free ebook below. Feel free to check out my reviews on the Original Sinners series to date as well.

Top 3 Favorite Parts

1. Nora telling Kingsley about her and Søren's Christmas Truce

2. Kingsley finding the 'hart' Søren drew on Nora's Christmas card

3. The Peanuts card

4. (bonus) Nora and Kingsley fulfilling each other's Christmas wishes