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Submit to Desire by Tiffany Reisz

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Submit to Desire

by Tiffany Reisz

Published by Harlequin Spice Briefs

Prequel Novella to The Siren in the Original Sinners series

Charlotte Brand is tired of dull boyfriends and boring sex. Kingsley Edge, who owns clubs rumored to supply more than just cocktails, seems just the man to revive her: intense, sophisticated...and looking for a submissive he can train for an elite client.

Charlotte is seduced by the offer...and by Kingsley himself. Soon they are engaged in a series of lessons that test her darkest desires. But when their training is over, will Charlotte be ready to let him go?


Steamy #Erotica Fun

#Dark Romance


I will not be providing a star rating to this novella, as it is too short to review, but as I am currently reviewing the Original Sinners novels, I want to point out many of the short stories and novellas for this series, for your reading pleasure.

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Sasha: "What sense I had just took her panties off and laid down in front of him."

Charlotte: "You're a little insane, aren't you, Kingsley?"

Kingsley: "Oui, and you're coming home with me."

Charlotte: "Touche."

Kingsley: "You don't have to be afraid of your fear, Charlie. You're allowed to be afraid and like it."

Charlotte: "Normal people aren't supposed to like this stuff. Normal people aren't supposed to enjoy being thrown down, tied up and practically raped."

Kingsley: "My beautiful Charlie. Perhaps it's time to admit you aren't normal people."

Charlotte: "This isn't fair, you know. I haven't gotten to see you naked yet."

Kingsley: "Women tend to fall in love with me when I take my clothes off."

Charlotte: "I've never known a man so in love with his hair before."

Kingsley: "I'm in love with all of me. I'm a very lovable pervert."

Kingsley: "The more you taunt me, the more you'll pay for it tomorrow."

Charlotte: "Your punishments are the most fun I've had in years. You're going to have to find a better threat."

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