Original Sinners Extra Read: Rectified Short Story


by Tiffany Reisz

Free Short Story on her website

Prequel short story of the Original Sinners series

Due to a medical condition, Lela has never been able to enjoy sex. Until she meets a very interesting man who promises to lend her a helping hand...and a few other body parts.


Steamy Erotica Fun


I will not be providing a star rating on this, as it is too short, but as I am currently reviewing the Original Sinner's series, I wanted to provide you the many short stories and novellas Tiffany Reisz has wrote for this series. Read Rectified here.

Favorite Quotes

Brad: "Are you going to tell me what's wrong or do I have to spend the rest of my life wondering why a beautiful woman was weeping over 101 Perfect Nights? I mean, it's no Kama Sutra, but it has a happy ending. Lots of them."

Brad: "Every story should have a happy ending. Well, any story that has you in a bed in it."

Lela: "You're hitting on me."

Brad: "I'm flirting with you. I have the floggers back home when you want me to hit on you."

Lela: "I've never gone to bed with a man I just met."

Brad: "No wonder you're crying in a bookstore."