Original Sinners Extra Read A Christmas Maggie Short Story

A Christmas Maggie

by Tiffany Reisz

Available for free on her website

Short Story takes place 6 months after Daniel Part Two*


Steamy Erotica Sweet

BDSM Feel Good

No review for this one. Just enjoy! Especially if you love Daniel as much as me <3

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*Daniel Part Two (renamed as The Auction) has not been featured on this site because there is only an excerpt available on Tiffany Reisz's website. There were plans to eventually publish it as a novella back in 2017, but after I emailed, her man servant (aka, her husband) let me know that there is no release date for it, as Tiffany Reisz focus's on other project. Hopefully one day we will get the full story. :)

Read A Christmas Maggie for free on Tiffany Reisz's website HERE

Favorite Quotes

Daniel: “Anya, if you were one of Santa’s reindeer, you would be Vixen.”

Anya: “You ordered me to wear this. You didn’t tell me to put any panties on.”

Daniel: “And for very good reason.”

Daniel pulled her off the footstool and dragged her to the floor.

Anya: “What is that reason, Sir?”

Daniel turned her onto her stomach and over his knee. He flipped up the back of her negligee and exposed her exquisite backside.

Daniel: “Christmas spankings.”

He swatted her hard a few times just for the pleasure of hearing that indignant yelp of hers.

Anya: “Spankings are for birthdays.”

She squirmed on his lap.

Daniel: “It’s Jesus’s birthday.”