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A Christmas Maggie Short Story by Tiffany Reisz

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

A Christmas Maggie

by Tiffany Reisz

Available for free on her website

Short Story takes place 6 months after Daniel Part Two*


Steamy #Erotica Sweet

#Dark Romance Feel Good


No review for this one. Just enjoy! Especially if you love Daniel as much as me <3

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*Daniel Part Two (renamed as The Auction) has not been featured on this site because there is only an excerpt available on Tiffany Reisz's website. There were plans to eventually publish it as a novella back in 2017, but after I emailed, her man servant (aka, her husband) let me know that there is no release date for it, as Tiffany Reisz focus's on other project. Hopefully one day we will get the full story. :)

Read A Christmas Maggie for free on Tiffany Reisz's website HERE

Daniel: “Anya, if you were one of Santa’s reindeer, you would be Vixen.”

Anya: “You ordered me to wear this. You didn’t tell me to put any panties on.”

Daniel: “And for very good reason.”

Daniel pulled her off the footstool and dragged her to the floor.

Anya: “What is that reason, Sir?”

Daniel turned her onto her stomach and over his knee. He flipped up the back of her negligee and exposed her exquisite backside.

Daniel: “Christmas spankings.”

He swatted her hard a few times just for the pleasure of hearing that indignant yelp of hers.

Anya: “Spankings are for birthdays.”

She squirmed on his lap.

Daniel: “It’s Jesus’s birthday.”

Daniel: “Together since summer. She’s not a ‘new’ girlfriend anymore.”

Matthew: “Lost that new girlfriend smell already, huh?”

Daniel: “And your mother wonders why you’re still single at thirty-three, Matt.”

Maggie: “Good thing I’m dead, or you might kill me.”

Daniel laughed through tears as he buried his face into her hair and inhaled. Vanilla…Maggie’s hair always smelt faintly of vanilla.

Daniel: “Don’t say that. Don’t say you’re dead. I know I’m dreaming so at least let it be a good dream.”

Maggie: “Let me show you something. Close your eyes.”

Daniel: “I always loved this game.”

Maggie: “Don’t get your hopes…or anything else up, you Wicked Man. Open your eyes.”

Daniel: “You’re telling me that it’s for the best you died of cancer? I can’t…I won’t believe that.”

Maggie gave him a look of deepest compassion.

Maggie: “I’m telling you that things happen for a reason. Even the bad things. That’s all.”

Maggie: “Crying women with breaking hearts don’t always make the best decisions, Daniel. Remember when we got into that fight on our fifth anniversary and I ended up backing the car into a duck pond?”

Daniel: “That one duck is still in physical therapy because of you.”

Anya: “I have some pride, Etienne.”

Etienne: “Too much pride, Anya.”

Daniel: “I have to agree with Etienne. The girl is 90% pride and 10% spite.”

Maggie: “And 100% in love with you.”

Maggie: “Beautiful family. I do love kids. Other people’s kids. Just never wanted any of my own.”

Daniel: “I did. So much. I loved the thought of taking care of these little people who couldn’t take care of themselves.”

Maggie: “You always took such good care of me. You’ll make a wonderful father someday. I’m sure of it.”

Maggie: “She has a beautiful voice.”

Daniel: “And a beautiful heart…”

Maggie: “She does have a beautiful heart. And soul. And face and body. You’re lucky. She’s a catch. But then again, so are you.”

Daniel: “I don’t feel like much of one right now.”

Maggie:“I’ve never seen you look happier either. Not even on our wedding day.”

Daniel: “I was terrified on our wedding day.”

Maggie: “Thought you were making a mistake?”

Maggie asked with a wink.

Daniel: “Thought you were.”

Maggie: “Have yourself a Merry little Christmas…” 

Daniel: “Not this one. This one’s so depressing.”

Maggie: “No it isn’t. It’s just honest. Through the years we all will be together…if the fates allow…”

Daniel: “The fates didn’t allow. I wish they had sometimes.”

Maggie: “I know, my Love. I know you do. And I did too once upon a time. But the fates had other plans for us. And in time you’ll be standing where I am and the whole course of your life will stretch out before you like an open scroll…and you’ll see and understand. And then you will be grateful things happened as they did. I promise.”

Daniel: “I believe you. I do. Only it’s hard…hard to believe.”

Maggie: “I know it is. It’s like trying to see in the dark. But someday you’ll stand in the light.”

Daniel: “And we’ll be back together?”

Maggie smiled once more at him. One more smile. One more wink. One more soft kiss on his lips.

Maggie: “If the fates allow.”

Daniel: “Playing Santa. Tell me what you want for Christmas.”

Anya: “It’s Christmas morning. Shouldn’t we have had this talk weeks ago?”

Daniel: “Just tell me. We’ll see what Christmas miracles I have in my pocket.”.

She raised her hand and touched his face, his lips.

Anya: “I have you. There’s nothing more I want or need.”

Daniel: “Not even this?”

He held up the Tiffany box and laid it in the center of her palm. Her eyes went wide as the sky when she opened the box.

Anya: “But…”

she started to protest and Daniel stopped her mouth with a kiss.

Daniel: “But nothing. Marry me, Anya. That’s an order.”

He took the ring from the box and slipped it on her finger. Tears flooded her face as she threw her arms around him.

Anya: “Yes, Sir.”

Daniel: “Good girl.”

For a few minutes they merely held each other and cried and laughed and kissed. But finally Daniel came to himself enough to start teasing her again. He couldn’t go five minutes without teasing her.

Daniel: “Now that ring cost a fortune. So I expect something equally valuable right now in return as my Christmas gift. Pay up.”

Anya blushed from ear to ear.

Anya: “I have a present for you. I do.”

Daniel: “Good. Go get it. I want it. If it’s not at least twelve pairs of new socks, you will be roundly punished until next Christmas.”

Anya: “I can’t go get it. It’ll be late.”

Daniel: “Shipping problems are unacceptable. No excuses. How late are we talking?”

Anya took his hand and kissed it before she slowly settled it flat onto her stomach.

Anya: “A little less than nine months.”

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