Original Sinners Extra Read A Beautiful Thing Short Story

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

A Beautiful Thing

by Tiffany Reisz

Available for free on her website

Short Story

I feel bad for Søren since his birthday comes right before Christmas. He's always getting combined presents. I guess that's my fault. Sorry, Father Stearns! Anyway, a few years ago I wrote a short story for Søren's birthday/Christmas. Since it's MY birthday, I want to celebrate it with Søren.

So here it is - "A Beautiful Thing." A bit of Christmas/Søren's birthday in June. A gift from me to you, my Sinners. Consider it my Un-Birthday present to you all...


Sugesstive Erotica Sweet


It's the first day of December! The countdown is on to my favorite time of year, and the most exhausting.

Remember a few months ago I reviewed the Original Sinners Series? I also posted links to all the short stories and novellas ... except for the Christmas ones. I was saving them for this month, where my goal is to do all holiday themed posts. :)

Remember, I'm not reviewing short stories, as they are really too short to do that, but enjoy this sweet story about Nora giving Søren a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Read it here.

Favorite Quotes

Nora: “King, new rule. No kink at Christmas.”

Kingsley: “Forty thousand dollars.”

Nora paused a moment to pick her jaw up off the sidewalk.

Nora: “Okay, maybe kink at Christmas. What’s the job?”

Kingsley: “To what do I owe the pleasure?”