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A Beautiful Thing Short Story by Tiffany Reisz

Updated: Jan 23

A Beautiful Thing

by Tiffany Reisz

Available for free on her website

Short Story

I feel bad for Søren since his birthday comes right before Christmas. He's always getting combined presents. I guess that's my fault. Sorry, Father Stearns! Anyway, a few years ago I wrote a short story for Søren's birthday/Christmas. Since it's MY birthday, I want to celebrate it with Søren.

So here it is - "A Beautiful Thing." A bit of Christmas/Søren's birthday in June. A gift from me to you, my Sinners. Consider it my Un-Birthday present to you all...


Sugesstive #Erotica Sweet

#Dark Romance



It's the first day of December! The countdown is on to my favorite time of year, and the most exhausting.

Remember a few months ago I reviewed the Original Sinners Series? I also posted links to all the short stories and novellas ... except for the Christmas ones. I was saving them for this month, where my goal is to do all holiday themed posts. :)

Remember, I'm not reviewing short stories, as they are really too short to do that, but enjoy this sweet story about Nora giving Søren a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Read it here.

Nora: “King, new rule. No kink at Christmas.”

Kingsley: “Forty thousand dollars.”

Nora paused a moment to pick her jaw up off the sidewalk.

Nora: “Okay, maybe kink at Christmas. What’s the job?”

Kingsley: “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

Nora: “Call Moretti back. Tell him I’ll do it.”

Kingsley said nothing and Nora rolled her eyes. Typical Dominant trick—

stop speaking to force the other to fill the silence.

Nora: “I’m at a music store.”


Nora: “It’s December.”


Nora: “Did you know they call Bösendorfer pianos the Rolls Royce of pianos?”


Nora: “It’s almost Christmas. And it’s almost his birthday, King.”

Silence. And then...

Kingsley: “I’ll tell him fifty or nothing. And I know him. He’ll pay fifty. You can keep my cut this time.”

Nora: “I knew you still loved him.”

Kingsley: “I could say the same to you. I’ll front you the money. Buy him the piano,”

Nora: “Joyeux Noël, King.”

Kingsley: “Merry Christmas, Elle.”

Vic: “Mistress Nora... It’s an honor to have you in my home.”

Nora: “Fuck your honor. You can do better than that. Floor.”

As she reached the end of the path she paused and cocked her head to the side. Through the windows of the rectory she heard music emanating. She stepped closer and listened harder. Yes, music. Piano music. Søren was home and playing his new piano. At the door she pressed her ear to the wood. She knew this song. Of course she knew it. She could even hear the lyrics in her head as the notes drifted through the door.

A thrill of hope...the weary world rejoices...for yonder breaks a new and glorious morn...fall on your knees...

Nora wanted to fall on her knees right then and there. She wanted to fall on her knees at Søren’s side and rest her head on the piano bench like she had so many years ago. He played the song because he knew it was her favorite. He played even though he didn’t know she could hear him. He played it for the memory of that night and all the Christmases they’d celebrated together in secret, each one more holy than the last.

Nora: “Merry Christmas, Sir. Happy birthday, my love.”

Nora: “Holy shit, Wes. What are you doing here?”

Wesley: “I told Mom and Dad I had to work over break and could only come home for a few days. We did Christmas yesterday. I got back this afternoon.”

Nora: “But...”

Wesley: “I know your dad’s long gone, and you said you and your mom don’t get along. And you don’t do Christmas with your friends like you used to… I just didn’t want you to be alone.”

Nora: “Well. Damn.”

Wesley: “Since I don’t want to be a liar, you’re gonna have to put me to work. Does your office need cleaned again?”

Nora: “You swore you’d never clean my office again after last time.”

Wesley: “Oh yeah. That was…traumatic.”

Nora: “I swear the butt plugs in the bottom drawer aren’t for me. Mine are in my bedroom. The ones in my office were for a client.”

Wesley: “That really doesn’t make it better, Nor. And I don’t even want to know why you store them next to your spare printer cartridges.”

Nora: “It’s the bottom drawer. Of course I store them there. Where do you store your butt plugs?”

Wesley: “In my butt. Duh.”

Nora: “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Wesley: “I like giving big Christmas gifts. I can’t buy you a new car or a house or anything, not like you need another car or another house. But I can give you me for Christmas. If you want me. You know, my company.”


#bdsm #alpha #domme

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