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Music/Manic Monday March 9th,2020

Last week I finished a book that mentioned this classic song. Specifically, a male knew he shouldn't go talk to his female roommate when she was angry after a breakup and blaring this song. haha.

Manic Monday Update

I have two reviews coming up this week. "Just This Once" from Mira Lyn Kelly, and part two of Oblivion, which is Onyx (from the LUX series) in Daemon's point of view.

I have had an insane week of binge reading. Last week I started Cecy Robson's Weird Girls series, and I just bought book 5 last night, after an emotional couple of hours of reading the last bit of book 4. I also finally bought Marriage on Madison Avenue, and I started it, but haven't finished it yet, because I got sucked into all things Weird.

I will be reading and hopefully posting a review on an ARC I received via NetGalley this week as well, so stay tuned!

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