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Music/Manic Monday Feb. 24th, 2020

Currently loving this song, that I heard on an authors playlist. Will be posting reviews on the series this song reminds me of soon. :)

Coming up this week, I still need to read and review a book from NetGalley, but between my youngest daughters 4th birthday, and being sucked into two different book series (The Oxford Series by Lauren Layne and Shattered Past Series by Cecy Robson), I haven't gotten around to it yet. Hopefully this week!

I have four reviews coming out this week. Today, the review for the novella, From This Day Forward, will be posted. Tomorrow, a review on the first book of the 21 Wall Street Series, Hot Asset. Later this week, I will be posting my review on the last book of the LUX series, Opposition. Finishing out the week, I will be posting my review on May The Best Man Win by Mira Lyn Kelly. I hope you come back and read my random thoughts, and please, feel free to comment and tell me your own thoughts.

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