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Monday Madness May 11th 2020

This week's #Mondaymadness

What to expect: I have two reviews scheduled for release this week. I have I Wish You Were Mine by Lauren Layne, the second book in one of my favorite romance series', the Oxford Series. I also have Once Pure by Cecy Robson coming, finishing up the Shattered Past Trilogy. Depending if I finish the current ARC I am reading from #NetGalley, I may or may not have another review out this week as well.

What I'm reading: Last week I finished the Original Sinners Series *cue crying woman here*, and I am left wanting more. So, get on that Tiffany Reisz. :P In the meantime, I am reading all of the novellas, and short stories related to the series. I plan to skip a bunch of books on my to read list to concentrate on reading books from Jennifer L Armentrout. I have been wanting to re-read the LUX series, but some other Jennifer Armentrout fans are crazy about the other books she has written, so maybe I will fall in love with those books as well. :) I'm still slowly working on the Vampire Girl series by Karpov Kinrade. I've read them before, and am basically re-reading them to review them on here, so I am in no particular hurry. I already know how it ends after all. :)

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