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Monday Madness June 1st 2020

Holy shit. I can't believe it's June already.

What to expect this week: I have 3 reviews scheduled for released this week. Expect more frequent reviews, and I have read so much, I have enough reviews scheduled to have one posted every other day till September. I will probably have a NetGalley ARC review to post this week as well. The book reviews posting for sure are: The last of Lauren Layne's Oxford series, I Think I Love You, and reviews for two Weird Girl series novellas (Prequels to Sealed with a Curse), A Curse Awakened, and The Weird Girls, both by Cecy Robson.

What I'm working on: I'm in the process of linking series books together on the bottom of each post. I have a couple of the earlier series reviews done (such as LUX), so it will be easier for you to navigate if you are looking for reviews on specific books in a series.

What I'm reading: As of this moment, I am reading two books. I am reading The Prince by Jennifer L Armentrout (A Wicked Novella), and an ARC I received via NetGalley, called Echoes by Alice Reed. Later this week, I plan on starting Jennifer Armentrout's Covenant series, that fans of her's rave about.

Have a good week! #mondaymadness

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