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Freed by E L James



by E L James

Published by Bloom Books

Book 3.5 in the Fifty Shades series

You are cordially invited to the wedding of the decade, when Christian Grey will make Anastasia Steele his wife.

But is he really husband material? His dad is unsure, his brother wants to organise one helluva bachelor party, and his fiancée won't vow to obey...

And marriage brings its own challenges. Their passion for each other burns hotter and deeper than ever, but Ana's defiant spirit continues to stir Christian's darkest fears and tests his need for control. As old rivalries and resentments endanger them both, one misjudgement threatens to tear them apart.

Can Christian overcome the nightmares of his childhood and the torments of his youth, and save himself? And once he's discovered the truth of his origins, can he find forgiveness and accept Ana's unconditional love?

Can Christian finally be freed?


Steamy Erotica Bored



Freed by E L James is a re-write of the third Fifty Shades book, in Christian's POV. Readers will get some new scenes, as well as Christian's POV of parts of the third book you are already familiar with. Yeah, that was not a good synopsis, but I gave as good as I got from this book.

Want to know a little gem about this gal here? When 50 shades became all the rage, I reluctantly picked up the books. I made a deal with a friend, that if she read a book of my choice, I would read one of hers. I was not a romance/erotica reader back then, (and no matter what E L James tries to pass these books off as, they ARE romance/erotica. Why she hates the genre so much, I will never understand.) so I was not looking forward to it. Despite the SHITTY writing, and despite the obviously lifted material from Twilight, I enjoyed them. I freaking loved them. Now, after jumping on the romance train, and discovering the amazing authors out there, I am absolutely horrified that I liked these books. But since I am only reviewing this particular book today, let's concentrate on what I hated about Freed. Bullet pointed my friends!

  1. It was boring, and filled with unnecessary information. The time between the proposal and the wedding was all new content, and I skimmed. I NEVER SKIM READ. I don't care to know what he is doing in his day to day job, and that was oddly descriptive. It was just so ... useless. I swear it was a punishment to all those who complained she didn't write the wedding scene in the book.

  2. Bad writing. Still. How is it that E L James has had this much success with such horrible writing? How has she written this many books, and hasn't improved? Repetitive, and weird word choices. Christians "oh Ana" and "oh, baby" was just as bad as Ana's "inner goddess" nonsense.

  3. It didn't make me like Christian. If anything, it made me dislike him more for his childish thoughts.

  4. Repetitive. I mean, she literally copy and pasted FULL FUCKING CONVERSATIONS from the original book, and just added Christian's thoughts along with it. I had no desire to reread these conversations.

  5. The sex I once found hot - was meh. If you are looking for smut, I can point you to many different options that will have you reaching for your partner or battery operated friend. BDSM - I got you. This isn't the series to be going to for that. It's just recycled content at this point.

Honestly, there are a lot of things wrong with this book/series. I could list them all out, but why give more of my time to writing a review on a book I clearly despised. E L James already has my money, and hours and hours of my time already. No need to give her more. But honestly - if you want smut, or BDSM, or a hot and steamy romance, find another book, because Freed won't do it for you. Unless you want something to put you to sleep, of course.

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