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Foxy Tales by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

Foxy Tales

by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

Self Published

Bonus Content for Zodiac Academy and Kings of Quarantine

A Charity Novella for The Fox Project Containing a Collection of Bonus POV Chapters By Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti

















Fantasy Romance

Short Stories


Foxy Tales by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti is a collection of alternate POV's from fan voted favorites in the Zodiac Academy series, as well as a bonus epilogue for their Kings of Quarantine series. It was an incentive for those who contributed to The Fox Project. And because I love Zodiac Academy, and the cause was pretty great, I just had to send in a small donation to get my hand on this book. I haven't gotten around to Kings of Quarantine yet, so I didn't read the epilogue, obviously, but I will write out my thoughts on the Zodiac Academy chapters.


Part I

Zodiac Academy: Ruthless Fae

Darius alternate POV of power sharing with Tory

I liked it. It's hard, because I wasn't a fan of the guys in the earlier books, so in Ruthless Fae, I was still hating them. But getting this small moment between him and Tory, knowing what is to come, is a comfort of the soul. While we get more of Darius's POV in later books, and know the true extent of how much pressure he was under from his father, and how that leads to his actions, this alternate POV further cements how much danger he and his family was in, and how he needed to do whatever it took to further his plans to take down his father. As for the actual power sharing, I'm left wondering one thing: how the fuck did he not figure it out sooner that Tory was his soulmate?

Part II

Zodiac Academy: Ruthless Fae

Orion alternative POV of the swimming pool scene

I swear to god, Lance Orion is one of the TOP reasons I love these books, so I will gobble up ANY bonus content I can get with him, and if its a scene between him and Blue, even better. I always loved the swimming pool scene. The setting is beautiful. The moment is quiet, peaceful, and heartbreakingly tender. It doesn't add a whole lot more to the scene itself, as everything he was feeling (aside from the stress and anger he was under from his situation with Lionel and his family), Blue and him had the same feelings in that moment. Obviously feeling that connection, that pull, but life and rules are in the way. This is the moment that changes the whole dynamic of their relationship, so I'm glad it was included.

Part III

Zodiac Academy: The Reckoning

Orion alternate POV of sex ed class

This is one of my favorite, laugh out loud parts of the series, and the fact that we get to read it again through Orion's POV is chef's kiss. It's just as funny. We get to find out what happened when he left the classroom for his cyclops interrogation (and feel anger on behalf of Blue, despite them not being a couple at this time). I will always love this scene, and although we knew Orion was having fun in this scene torturing his students, reading it from his POV is even funnier.

Part IV

Zodiac Academy: Shadow Princess

Darius alternate POV of The Shimmering Springs

You know what this scene is. It's one of the more intense, emotional scenes in this series. Mostly full of rage, on both fronts, but an ultimate clash of everything: their hate, the attraction, the pull between them, and the anger of what they just put each other through, all coming together through sex. And normally I would hate this. I don't normally like characters having sex with one another when there is such anger and pain between them, but it works for Tory and Darius. They deal with emotions by closing off, feeding their anger and more animalistic sides, and it comes out in this scene. It's just as hot to read it through Darius's POV. I think the most heartbreaking part of the POV, was in that moment, Darius felt himself opening up, and accepting his feelings for Tory, before Tory put her walls back up and told him it was a mistake. Oh how different would the future have been.

As for the final part, I didn't read, but once I get to Kings of Quarantine (it is on my tbr), I will read it.

Ultimately, if you are a Zodiac Academy fan, you would enjoy this novella. I'm not sure if they will ever have plans of releasing it for purchase, but you never know. That being said, I would love if they did something like this in the future for other popular scenes that I know fans want desperately. *cough cough* Darcy in the rain, arriving at Orion's house, and saying Blue *cough cough*

Orion: "You may have a point there; I heard Tory calling you a scaley lizard cock in class, and Darcy added that your head was so inflated you would have trouble fitting through doors soon."

Darius: "Nice. Did you happen to give them detention for that, or -"

Orion: "No, I felt they made solid points."

Darius: "Any chance you might have overheard something from Roxy that I could use to get her to agree to this?"

I asked, my mind turning over all the things I'd done to her which would make this an impossible task.

Orion: "Well, she has a habit of drinking too much and making bad choices with the men she fucks, apparently. I doubt that is particularly useful information, but I guess you could try bringing her a beer and see if it helps?"

He shrugged, seeming to find my predicament far more amusing than it was.

Darius: "Great."

I eyed the beers for a moment, then dismissed that, imagining the place she would tell me to shove it if I turned up with that pathetic offering.

Darius: "I think I'll just go with forcing her to come."

Orion: "That sounds like it will go horrible."

Lance said, moving back to the couch as his eyes moved to the TV again.

Orion: "But good luck with it."

Orion: "I'll only be ten minutes, Brian, it's not necessary for you to oversee my class."

I growled at him, not wanting to inflict him on the class. In particular, Blue, because fuck if I wanted him waving his dildo collection in her face.

Washer: "Nonsense, it's my pleasure."

Washer said, shaking the big bag in his hand which hinted to the dildos in question.

Washer: 'Franny told me she'd be stopping by this morning, so I came prepare to cover for you. I used to teach Sex Ed long before you worked here, remember? I taught you all the ins and outs of the physical act, so I'm sure you have a lot to thank me for."

Yes, unresolved teenage trauma mostly.

My Atlas started ringing in my pocket and I took it out, coming to a halt on the stairs and flicking up a silencing bubble as I answered the call from Gabriel.

Leon: "Hey, Lance!"

Leon's bright voice carried down the line instead of Noxy's.

Gabriel: "Give me back my Atlas."

Gabriel's voice sounded in the background

Leon: 'I will as soon as I've asked him my question - ah, stop casting vines at me, that tickles."

Leon laughed.

Caleb: "I wasn't looking for marriage. I just liked the way she was with me. She's not a simpering fangirl or a wannabe Mrs Altair. Plus, she's hot and she fucks like a heathen so -"

Darius: "No one wants to hear about your sex life, Caleb."

I barked, making all three of their eyes naps to me in surprise.

Seth: "Tory didn't look all that dignified when she was dry humping half the men on that dance floor."

Seth pointed out with a taunting grin, and Geraldine shrieked in defiance.

Geraldine: "If my lady wishes to express her sexuality and the freedom of her flesh, then she shall do so! The pot calleth the kettle black with you, Seth Capella - it is well known that you have dipped your long Sherman into more buses and bramble patches than any Fae could easily count. The difference is simply that no one would wish to see images of you gyrating against anyone and have them seared into their eyes for all of time."

Seth: "Wait, are you trying to say that you don't think anyone would wanna see pictures of me and my pack going at it?"

Seth asked, looking all kinds of scandalized as he gaped at her.

Geraldine: "Of course they would not. That is why no such story has ever been printed - the tars know it wouldn't be difficult to gain footage of you humping something like the unneutered mutt you are."

Fuck, she felt like heaven wrapped around me, her body made for mine and her pussy the most perfect kind of death that I had ever known. And it was a death, at least for me, and end to all I'd been trying to pretend I'd felt towards her and a realization of what had been lurking out of reach beneath the bitterness and hatred. She was the obsession I had been fighting to deny, and yet, in that moment, it was utterly clear that I had failed endlessly at that. Roxanya Vega was everything, pure and simple. There was nothing at all aside from her, and she was all the things I had no right to try and claim.


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