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Fake by Tate James


by Tate James


Book 3 in the Madison Kate series

“You’ll always be mine.”

The latest taunt from my stalker reminded me I was nothing more than a possession to my father, to the Reapers, to Archer D’Ath. Even to Kody and Steele. Princess Danvers—the prize.

His wife.

Archer D’Ath’s wife.

I hate them. They lied to me. Over and over again. I knew they were lying, and I hate myself for letting it happen. For believing in the fake relationships I want so desperately to be real.


It’s all fucking fake. My stalker won’t let me go. None of them will. Archer and his boys think they control me. My stalker wants to possess me. I’m not an idiot, I know my newest allies are using me too.

That’s fine.

I’ll use all of them. I’ll use them to take back what’s mine.

My life. My freedom. My name.

No one owns Madison Kate Danvers.


Reverse Harem


Fake is the third book in Tate James Madison Kate series. It centers around Madison Kate, Archer, Max (Steele) and Kody. After Madison finds out her father sold her to Archer, and she is now legally married for him, she is angry. She can't believe she started to fall for the guys, when they lied to her over and over. Her stalker is still around, and getting more bold and dangerous, and someone is trying to kill her. Madison Kate needs to make some new allies. She knows they have their own motives, but she will do what needs to be done to get her life back.

I will fully admit, I ended up DNFing this book. 25% in. I just can't. It's all so ridiculous. It has a messy "plot" that is so beyond that you just stop caring. The endless "edging" on the identity of the stalker, and who is out to kill her is exhausting and infuriating. Sex is great. That is about it. The fact that I felt nothing for these characters after 2 and a quarter books, says a lot.

So obviously, I didn't like this series. I do know that a lot of people do though. Let me know, what are your thoughts on this series? Let me know in the comments.

Kody: "Because, babe, no one can survive without their heart, and you're mine." Fuck that gaslighting bullshit. I'd been clear from the get-go. Madison: "Scott and I have an understanding,"

I replied, not even lying. We had an understanding that I wasn't interested in him, and therefore, I wasn't cheating on him. I could only hope Archer hadn't overheard that whole argument I'd had with Scott outside the theater. His face twisted in disgust as he prowled closer to the kitchen.

Archer: "What kind of guy willingly lets his girlfriend fuck other guys?"

My brows shot up, and I met his gaze directly without flinching.

Madison: "I don't know, Archer. What kind of man lets his wife fuck his two best friends under the same damn roof as him?"

His lips parted to retort, but I snapped my fingers, cutting him off.

Madison: "Oh, duh, silly me. The kind of man who also never asked his wife's consent to marry her."


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