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Wait for You Series by Jennifer L Armentrout Bonus Content

Updated: 2 days ago

Below are links to the bonus content Jennifer has written for her Wait for You Series that I can find. While most are on her website, there is some on her old WattPad account as well. Enjoy!


Now Called "That's Forever"

by Jennifer L Armentrout

Available on Jennifer's Website here

When Cam brings Avery to celebrate Christmas with his family, she isn't expecting the best gift of all: the promise of forever.

Looking away, I saw that Cam’s sister was watching me. She grinned as she sat beside me.

Tessa: “Maybe he fell into the toilet or something.” 

Mrs. Hamilton sighed as she turned to her daughter.

Mrs. Hamilton: “Really?” 

Tessa: “What?”

She shrugged, unashamed.

Tessa: “That’s the least disgusting thing he could be doing up there.

Mr. Hamilton: “You know,”

Mr. Hamilton said, sitting back in his recliner as he peered at Jase and his daughter.

Mr. Hamilton: “I’m really glad you finally got the balls to settle down with my girl, but remember, balls can removed.” 

Cam: “I don’t have a big speech, but you know that I love you, right? That I’m in love with you.” 

Lifting my hands, I pressed the tips of my fingers against my lips and nodded, unable to speak.  

Cam: “And I’m always going to be in love you.” 

His voice caught, and as I blinked the tears out of my eyes, I saw that his was glassy.

Cam: “You running into me in the hallway was my luckiest day.” 

Avery: “Oh God,” 

I whispered, choking on the tide of emotion.  

Cam: “So I’m hoping that you’re going to make today my second luckiest day, by saying yes.” 

Mr. Hamilton: “Holy shit,”

Mr. Hamilton said, and immediately his wife hushed him.  

Cam: “You’re my sun that rises every day. And you’re never going to get the chance to forget that. I won’t allow that. Not now and not fifty years from now. That’s forever.” 


Fifty First Times

A New Adult Anthology

You always remember your first time...

Featuring stories from some of the hottest names in New Adult, Young Adult, and Romance including New York Times Bestselling authors J.Lynn/Jennifer Armentrout, Molly McAdams, Sophie Jordan, and Carrie Ryan.

Whether it's the couple who decides not to go through with it, the two boys who finally aren't ashamed, the newlyweds whose wedding night could very well be their last night together, the deaf pair who have no choice but to take body language to a new level--or, of course, the two young lovers fumbling and laughing, getting everything wrong. These are the memories that will never fade.

Join nineteen fantastic authors as they pull back the curtain and give you a peek inside that one intense moment in their characters' lives when everything changes and nothing will ever be the same again.

NOTE: These stories are works of fiction. If you want to know about our first times, you'll have to buy us a pet monkey first.


Want to know how Brit and Ollie got together? Buy Fifty First Times Anthology to read Jennifer's addition now!

Ever since I was twelve years old, I had a knack for obtaining company of the feminine kind.

Hell. When I died, my tombstone would read something like: Here lies Oliver (Ollie) Ryan. He sure got a lot of play in his charmed life.

And I didn't discriminate.

Cougar. Kitten. Black. White and every shade of skin tone in-between. Curvalicious and then some or skinny as a sheet of paper, it didn't matter. I just loved females and they loved me.

All except for one girl.

Brittany Simmons had never been a fan of my happy - and quite delectable - ass. My med school would be paid for if I had a buck for every time she rolled her eyes at me when I suggested we get to know each other better or walked away from me while I was in the middle of telling her something extremely important.

Like how great we'd look together in my bed.

Maybe I needed to buy her a turtle. That seemed to have worked for Cam.

Then again, she'd probably throw the turtle in my face and that wouldn't be fun, but she'd look hot doing it.

Ollie:  "Believe it or not ..."

I'd leaned down, tweaking the tip of her nose

Ollie:  "I'm smarter than most people realize."

Her nose had scrunched as I pulled back.

Brit:  "I know you are. That's the one thing I like about you, Ollie. You're smart."

Ollie: "The only thing you like about me?"

Brit: "It's not the only thing. You have a nice ass."

Brit: "Are you going to behave yourself?"

Ollie: "Of course. For you."

Ollie: "Why hasn't there ever been something between us?"

Brit: "Maybe ... maybe it's because you've never asked."

Ollie: "A date? I wasn't sure where I could fit in asking you out in between you threatening to kick me in the balls and walking away from me."

Brit laughed

Brit:  "Maybe if you tried to fit it in, I wouldn't threaten to do anything bad with your balls and I wouldn't walk away."

Ollie: "So you'd do nice things with my balls?"

Brit: "Why me? Why now?"

Ollie: "I miss you. I missed you more than Cam and Jase. And I don't really know why. But I miss your smart mouth. I miss how you never give into me. I miss looking forward to seeing you. And when I leave on Sunday, I know I'm going to miss you even more now that I know how you taste and feel."

Ollie: "Is it too late?"

Brit: "We have tonight, don't we?"

Ollie: "Seeing your sister all grown up and at a frat party makes me feel old."

Cam snorted as he took a drink from his bottle.

Cam:  "You and me both."

He stiffened as he followed my gaze to where the girls were huddled together and then pinned me with a look that would've shriveled my balls.

Cam: "Don't you be getting any ideas about her."

I laughed

Ollie:  "Your sister is hot, but it's not who I'm looking at."

Understanding and a bit of relief flashed across his face.

Cam:  "Ah, Brit?"

Ollie: "I need to borrow you for a second, si?"

Brit's eyes went heavenward, but her cheeks flushed a pretty shade of pink.

Brit:  "I'll be right back. Senor Fucktard can't want me for that long."

Ollie: "It'll be a while."

All of this was to get her out of my system, but deep down, I knew I'd be fucked if I really believed this would work, because now her taste, her scent, and her breathy moans would forever be imbedded in my system, smacked with a label "mine" and filed away.

Ollie:  "Damn Brit ... I could get used to seeing you like this."

Her cheeked flushed

Brit:  "For real?"

Ollie: "Yeah, for real."

Brit: "That doesn't sound like you."

Ollie: "I'm not me when I'm around you. I mean, maybe I am me when I'm around you."

A smile pulled at her lips

Brit:  "Oliver Ryan. I think you might actually like me."

Ollie: "I do."

Brit: "I like you too. I like you a lot."

Ollie: "I haven't been with anyone since I left for med school."

Her eyes widened

Brit: "Seriously?"

Ollie: "Yeah. Not a single person."

Brit: "Why?"

Ollie: "It's because of you."

Brit: "Me?"

I nodded and the words just dumped right out of my mouth

Ollie: "The night before I left? When you kissed my cheek and asked me to behave? Well, I .... I don't know. I just haven't been interested in anyone, because you've gotten under my skin and I thought - fuck, I don't know what I thought."

Brit's eyes were so wide I wondered if it was painful for her.

Ollie:  "I thought by coming here, getting shot down by you or getting with you, would get you out of myself, but that's not that's going to happen. I know t hat. ANd I wanted this to be good for you."

Brit: "Wait. You really like me."

I stared at her.

Brit:  "And it has been great for me so far. So let's just get that straight, but back to the other part. You really like me."

Ollie: "I do."

She shook her head.

Brit: "I don't understand why."

Ollie: "Are you crazy? Wait. Don't answer that. You are a little crazy, and I like it. You're a smartass. You're funny as hell. You don't take shit from anyone, especially me. You're smart. You're absolutely beautiful to me and you always saw more than anyone else when you looked at me. So yeah, I like you. I really like you. And when you said you wanted to see me again, that you didn't want this to be a one night thing, well, you know how that affected me. It ended up all over your hand."

Ollie: "I like you, Brit, and this ... this is a first for me, so I'm probably going to sound pretty stupid."

Brit: "I don't think you will."

Ollie: "I want ... I want to do things right with you. I want this."

I groaned when she shifted, pressing that sweet ass down.

Ollie: "I really want this with you, but I want it to be different. I want to go out with you - take you on a date, the movies, dinner - anything. I don't want us to start this out hooking up."

Brit: "What is this?"

Ollie: "I don't know. A relationship? Yeah, that sounds about right. Me. You. Doing the ..."

Brit: "Boyfriend and girlfriend thing?"

Ollie: "Yeah, that thing."

My face heated and I wanted to kick myself.

Brit:  "You're blushing!"

Ollie: "Thanks for pointing that out."

Brit: "This really is a first time for you. I like that idea, Ollie. A lot."

Ollie: "You do?"

Brit: "Yeah. I do."

Ollie: "Hot damn."

I captured her mouth and took the kiss to a different kind of level that left us both breathless.

Brit:  "But you know what?"

She reached between us, wrapping her hand around me. I kicked, throbbed.

Brit:  "This is the twenty-first century. We can do it and then go eat dinner. Right?"

My smile spread as I leaned back, giving her space to do her thing. I hardened, and Brit was right, this was the twenty-first century, so ...

Ollie:  "God, you're fucking perfect."

She grinned.

Brit:  "I know."

My laugh ended in a deep groan, and the last thought before I all but tackled her ass on the bed was that this was a first, a start - a new beginning - and I couldn't wait to take this ride.

And buy her a damn tortoise.


Cam & Avery's First Anniversary

by Jennifer L Armentrout

You can read this bonus chapter on Jennifer's website by clicking here.

Cam wakes up Avery, surprising her with a first anniversary gift.

His hand spread across my behind, turning that shiver into something deeper.

Cam: “What do you have planned for today?” 

Snuggling deeper into the warm bed, I wetted my lips.

Avery: “It’s Sunday. I have no papers due. Or exams to study for. I think I’m just going to stay in bed.” 

Cam: “The whole weekend?” 

Avery: “Maybe.” 

He chuckled as he squeezed my behind.

Cam: “I kind of like the sound of that.” 

Avery: “I bet you do,”

No one was perfect, but to me, Cam was the closest thing to perfect in my life.   

Avery: “It’s a Tiffany’s heart, isn’t it?”

The kind of heart didn’t matter, not really, but I’d always loved the elegant design of their heart necklaces.

Avery:  “It’s for me?” 

Cam: “No, sweetheart, it’s for the cupcake.” 

Avery: “You seriously remembered the first time I said yes to you.” 

Cam: “Fuck yeah. It took me months to get your ass to say yes to me. That date goes down in history. Like years from now, people will be talking about that.” 



by Jennifer L Armentrout

You can read this bonus chapter on Jennifer's website by clicking here.

An unplanned pregnancy takes Avery by surprise ... and proves how perfect Cam is.

I drew in a deep breath and the fresh scent of chocolate chip cookies didn’t turn my stomach.  

It was practically the only thing that wasn’t making me run for the bathroom to hurl like a volcano of vomit. Bacon. God help me, but the scent of fried bacon had me on the knees, and I loved bacon. I would marry bacon if I could. 

Sorry Cam. 

My gaze fell to my left hand and I bit down on my lip. The beautiful engagement ring glimmered in the bright light of the bathroom. We weren’t even married yet and we were reproducing.  

Cam’s mom was going to kill him. 

His dad will probably give him a thumb’s up. 

A baseball cap was on, twisted backward, and he was shirtless, showing off the taut muscles and the two sexy divets along his lower back on either side of his spine. His nylon shorts hung low and he was barefoot. 

And he was absolutely beautiful.  

Cam twisted at the waist, grinning at me as bright blue eyes met mine.

Cam: “Hey shortcake, you feeling okay?” 

I nodded as my gaze coasted over the bright sun tattoo on his pec and then down, over the tightly roiled muscles of his stomach.  

Those abs got me pregnant. 

The dimples helped.  

And the ocean blue eyes also had something to do with it.  

Cam: “I don’t give a shit about the reasons why I’d be upset. Yes, it’s not the greatest timing and it’s going to be hard, but…”

His hand slid around my neck to the nape, slipping under my hair as the corners of his lips lifted and his smile spread, showing off the dimples.

Cam: “But, Avery, sweetheart, you’re having my child and how could I not be anything but fucking ecstatic over that?” 

Cam: "I love you. I’m fucking in love with you and you… your body is doing something so amazing right now I can’t even find the right words. You’re carrying my child. How can I not be happy?” 

He pulled back, his eyes widening even further.

Cam: “Oh man, Mom is gonna flip.” 

A wide smile spread across my lips.

Avery: “You can be the one who makes that call.” 


The Kiss

by Jennifer L Armentrout

This prequel chapter to Be With Me is available on Jennifer's website. You can read it here.

Cam was always cock blocking like a mofo. 

Jase: “Do you always run around dressed like that?” 

Honestly? No. I shrugged a shoulder, somewhat happy that he was vocalizing that he’d noticed me.

Tessa: “Yeah.” 

Jase: “Cam doesn’t have a lot of friends visiting, right?”  

I thought that was an odd question.

Tessa: “No. I mean other than you, sometimes Ollie swings by.” 

Those brows came down even further.

Jase: “And do you wear that when he’s here?”   

My lips twitched, but I fought the smile wanting to form.

Tessa: “I don’t know.” 

Jase: “I hope not,”

Tessa: “Why?” 

Jase: “Why?”

Surprised colored his tone. His gaze slid down my face to my chest and lingered there until it felt like he was touching me. My body reacting swiftly, and I wasn’t sure if he noticed, because his gaze swept back to mine.

Jase: “That’s why.” 

Jase: “And you shouldn’t dress like that when I’m here,”

he said, and his voice was deeper again. Raw.  

My lashes swept up and something had changed in him, in the way he watched me and how tense his body was.

Tessa: “Why?”

Jase didn’t answer.  

I’d probably look back on the next couple of moments for the rest of my life and I’ll never know what provoked me to do what I did, but I knew I’d never regret it, even if he dropkicked me off the bed. 

I moved, drawing my other leg up on the bed, resting on my knees as I leaned forward, easing my weight on my hands. Jase froze like an animal that had scurried out into traffic and was now staring into glaring headlights.  

He didn’t move as I drew in a breath and leaned closer, coming with a scant inch of his mouth. His breath was crazy warm on my lips. My heart thumped and my pulse pounded throughout my body. My hair slipped over my shoulders, falling in the space between us. We were close, closer than we ever been.  

Tessa: “Is it because you look?”

I asked, my voice breathy.  

Jase didn’t answer again, but I heard him swallow.  

Tessa: “I don’t mind if you do,”

I told him, my fingers curling into the blanket.

Tessa: “In fact, I like it.” 


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