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Bookish Gift Guide 2023 | Part 1 | The Bookish Shop

If you have been a reader on here, you know in the past I have done Bookish Gift Guides before the holidays to help readers either find a gift for their bookish friend or family member, or add to their Wishlist. You will notice I am doing things a little different this year. This year, I have featuring shops, instead of fandoms.

I will post a little about each business, add my personal experience if I have one, and then my recommendations.

My first post is the Bookish Box & Shop. While I do not receive any compensation or goods from companies to do these gift guides, I am a Bookish Shop ambassador, which means if you click on my ambassador page and purchase something, I do get a small commission. This is something I have been a part of since they started the program earlier this year, and not a perk given to me for highlighting this business on my yearly gift guides.. I would have done it anyway, as I have for the last few years.


About Bookish Shop & Box: Bookish Shop is a woman-owned, small business with a deep passion rooted in books. They are located in Chandler, Arizona. They work with artists, authors and publishers, and have a large selection of book merch, apparell, and special editions of popular books. They also have a monthly book subscription box for both young adult and adults.

Personal Experience: I've been a subscriber of the monthly Bookish Box (Adult) for almost two years now. I love the monthly luxe books. They are always so beautiful, and I have found new authors that I love because of this box. The merch is a hit or miss in the boxes, as they are with all subscription boxes, because some of the items are not fandoms I follow. Sometimes its an item I am not interested in. The great thing is that the bookish community is a big one, and there is always someone who wants to buy these items you don't want.

They get a lot of backlash for shipping delays, and while it is frustrating, I also get it. I don't mind waiting. And they have taken a lot of steps to speed things up, by hiring two shipping companies to help them with the backlog.

As for their shop items, I am a big fan. I love their candles, their t-shirts, and the crowns. I never thought I would purchase crowns based on a fandom, but here I am. And their beautiful! Any items that I own below, I will tell you my thoughts of them.

Their customer service is top notch. I've contacted them a few times for different issues in the past and every single time I've received nothing but the best customer service from them.


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Sarah J Maas Merch

Throne of Glass, ACOTAR, Crescent City

Throne of Glass Inspired Queen of Terrasen Crown | $35 US

I own this crown. It was actually my first ever bookish crown, and I got it in the SJM

Wanderlust box. I loved the quality of it, and it led to me purchasing more.

A Court of Thorns and Roses Inspired High Lady of the Night Court Crown | $35 US

I also own this crown. After loving the quality of the ToG crown, I bought this

immediately upon release.

A Court of Thorns and Roses Inspired Dread Trove Crown | $35 US

Crescent City Inspired Sunball Dad Hat | $27 US

I received this in my SJM Wanderlust box, and I LOVE this hat! I wore it all the time

this summer.

Night Court Candle 6oz and 12oz | $22 and $29 US

A Court of Thorns and Roses Inspired Teacup & Saucer Set | $38 US

I bought this teacup and saucer after receiving the Crescent City one in my

subscription box and loving it. I DON'T EVEN DRINK TEA!

Crescent City Inspired Teacup & Saucer Set | $38 US

I receiving this in one of my subscription monthly boxes and I love it!

Throne of Glass Inspired Teacup and Saucer Set | $38 US

I just had to complete my collection. I love this one too!

Throne of Glass Inspired Enamel Bookmark | $18 US

Throne of Glass Inspired Skulls Bay Candle 6oz or 12oz | $22 - $29 US

Crescent City Inspired Night and Day Candles 16oz | $60 US

A Court of Thorns and Roses Inspired Winged Inner Circle Candle Carousel | $20 US

Rattle the Stars Rug | $38 US

Throne of Glass Inspired: Fire Breathing Bitch Queen Tee | $29 - $32 US

Throne of Glass Inspired: Goldryn Inspired Long Sleeve Shirt | $29 - $33 US

Throne of Glass Inspired: Fireheart Hoodie | $45 - $49 US

Throne of Glass Inspired: Starfall Hoodie | $45 - $49 US

Jennifer L Armentrout Merch

From Blood and Ash

From Blood and Ash Inspired XL Book Beau | $39 US

When they released this Book Beau (exclusive to The Bookish Shop), I immediately

bought it. The art is perfection (of course, it's Dominique Wesson), and Book Beau's

quality is top notch.

From Blood and Ash Inspired 12oz Casteel Candle | $29 US

From Blood and Ash Inspired 12oz Poppy Candle | $29 US

From Blood and Ash Inspired Tour Hoodie | $45-$49 US

From Blood and Ash Inspired Plush Blanket | $38 US

I own this blanket, and it is soooooo soft!

From Blood and Ash Inspired Bow Before Your Queen Tee | $29 - $33 US

Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti Merch

Zodiac Academy, Ruthless Boys

Ruthless Boys Inspired Aurora Academy Tote Bag | $50 US

Zodiac Academy Inspired Late Night Reads Spiked Tumbler | $35 US

I got this cup in one of my monthly subscription boxes and it was my

FAVORITE cup. I used it all the time.

Zodiac Academy Inspired Enamel Bookmark | $18 US

Zodiac Academy Inspired Candle & Carousel | $58 US

Zodiac Academy Inspired The Wailing Wood Candle 12oz | $29

Zodiac Academy Inspired Travel Mug | $35 US

Rebecca Yarros Merch

Fourth Wing

Fourth Wing Inspired Xaden Candle 12oz | $29 US

Fourth Wing Inspired Basgiath War College Sweatshirt | $39-$42 US

Fourth Wing Inspired Glass Tumbler | $40 US

Bookish Merch

Smutland 12oz Candle | $29 US

Rom-Com 6oz Candle | $22 US

Bookish Wordplate Necklace | $12US

Romantasy Hooded Luxe Blanket | $76 US

Book Hoarder Racerback Tank | $33 - $36 US

Fictional Wanderlust Long Sleeve Top | $29 - $33 US

Other Notable Finds:

Plated Prisoner by Raven Kennedy and Bonds That Tie by J Bree

Plated Prisoner Inspired Tee | $29 - $33 US

Bonds That Tie Inspired Reading Pillow | $30.99 US

While I don't have this print, one of my favorite bookish items is by Book Beau

Reading Pillow


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