Bitter Sweet Love by Jennifer L Armentrout

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Bitter Sweet Love

by Jennifer L Armentrout

Published by Harlequin Teen

Prequel Novel to The Dark Elements series

Dez wasn't just Jasmine's crush.

A gargoyle Warden like Jas, he helped her come to terms with her destiny—fending off demons and maintaining the balance between good and evil. He was her everything…right until the moment he disappeared without a trace. It didn't help that Jas's father had just announced that she and Dez would one day be mated. Hard not to take that personally.

And now he's back, three years older, ten times hotter, ready to pick up exactly where they left off. But Jas isn't taking that risk again. Dez has seven days to meet all her conditions and earn back her trust. Seven days filled with terrifying danger and sweet temptation. Seven days to win her heart—or shatter it all over again...


Foul language Young Adult Exciting

Steamy moments Supernatural Emotional


Bitter Sweet Love by Jennifer L Armentrout is a prequel novella to the Dark Elements series, and centers around Jasmine, a Warden who was betrothed to her childhood best friend, and sweetheart, Dez. The next day he was gone. Dez shows up three years later, ready to claim Jas, but she isn't going to make it easy for him. And Dez isn't going to make it easy for her to say no.

This was a cute little prequel story. I wasn't crazy about it. It had some good information in it, outlining why female Warden's are highly protected, and in essence, locked away, and a bit about the custom of "Mating" (what the Warden's call marriage, as most marriages are not done because of love, but for the sole purpose of adding to their dwindling race), but otherwise, it was kind of ... meh. It's cute.

I do enjoy the characters. Dez is a sweetheart of a guy. My only gripe with him is the fact that he left for three years and didn't want to tell her why. Jasmine is enjoyable, because while she still does love him, she isn't going to roll over and say yes when he doesn't deserve it. She makes him earn it, which I am all for.

Bitter Sweet Love is something you could read if you are reading the Dark Elements series (like I am), but it isn't necessary. It doesn't really add to the series, other than explaining the Warden's traditions when it comes to marriage. You get to see some characters in the Dark Elements series. If you don't read it, you won't miss anything, other then a happy ending love story between two sweet characters.