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A Very Bossy Christmas by Alexis Winter

A Very Bossy Christmas

by Alexis Winter


“Sweetheart, I know exactly how to handle you.”

Those eight little words whispered in my ear by my boss were my undoing.

And what we did after he said them, most definitely landed me on Santa’s naughty list.

If there’s one man who can suck all the joy out of Christmas—it’s my boss, Damon Wells.

I should have known when fifteen minutes into our first interview, he told me that nothing about me stood out from the fifty other applicants.

Yet somehow, I’m sitting shotgun in his fancy sports car on the way to my family’s house for the week.

You’d think he’d show a little mercy this holiday season after my day from hell.

Car towed? Check.

Spilled coffee on my white blouse? Check.

Soaked in Chicago slush by a cab? Triple Check.

Instead, he threatens to fire me.

So now I’m stuck spending the holidays with my boss by my side…Until two minutes into meeting my family, Damon introduces himself as my boyfriend and my minor panic turns into a full fledged five-alarm holiday meltdown.

He wasn’t supposed to pretend to be anything.

He absolutely wasn’t supposed to stick his tongue down my throat when he promoted himself to fiancé in front of my entire family.

And I sure as hell wasn’t supposed to enjoy it.

Suddenly, our fake little fairytale is starting to feel too real when Damon slides my grandmother’s diamond ring on my finger.

The same ring I thought my ex was going to give me last year when he dumped me.

The same ex who shows up to my family’s holiday party.

All I want for Christmas this year?

To forget just how good my boss is in the bedroom before my heart starts to get other ideas.

Age Recommendation:



Contemporary Romance



A Very Bossy Christmas by Alexis Winter is a steamy, enemies to lovers romance, centering around *****, secretary to Damon Wells, the boss from hell. Having one of the worst mornings of her life, instead of finding empathy from Damon, he threatens to fire her. Her car, broken down, and towed, leaves her without a way to get home for Christmas - something she fully blames on Damon. What she doesn't expect is him finding her in a bar, drinking away her sorrows - or the next morning picking her up to bring her home for Christmas. Damon decides to play the pretend boyfriend, not only because he wants to help ****** save face around her ex, but because he wants to get closer to the woman who drives him crazy. But what starts out as a simple game of pretend, turns into passionate nights, and conflicting feelings.

So I have a problem with this one. I love a good enemies to lovers. I love a workplace romance. I enjoyed this story. My issue is the characters. They just ... don't make sense. The reason Damon is such a dick before this story starts doesn't make sense. His choices along the way are chaotic, and don't make sense. Or I guess are not very realistic. I'm just not sure how someone as successful as him can be where he is at with his spur of the moment choices. That being said, the sex in this book is hot and intense, so if you are looking for a short, enemies to lovers romance with steamy scenes, it's not terrible. And it's Kindle Unlimited, so if you have the membership (which I highly suggest), you aren't losing anything if, like me, you feel it lacking.

  • Damon going into the shower in front of Kate

  • The family dinner while they talk about the bad things Kate has said about her boss ... not realized Damon is her boss

  • The sex

Damon: “One more thing. If you could maybe ask one of the other ladies in the office if they have a spare set of clothes, that would be great. Can’t have my secretary looking like she got hit by a bus and dragged for a few blocks, now can I?”

He laughs.

Yup, I’m going away for homicide. Damon: “You better pray for a Christmas miracle, sweetheart; otherwise, this is your last one.”

Yup, she’s going to kill me. Kate: “Jesus, Damon, what the hell?”

Kate asks as she throws a hand up against her eyes.

Damon: “It’s just an ass, Kate. Relax. Plus, the glass is frosted.”

I step into the shower.

Damon: “You’ve seen a man’s ass before, right?”

Kate: “Yeah, I look at your face every day, don’t I?” Damon: “All of the above,”

Kate: “What does that mean?”

Damon: “It means tonight, I want to do all of the above to you. I want to fire you, to punish you, to bend you over this counter and fuck some sense into you.”

Kate: “Well, it’s not exactly corporate America, kicking ass and taking names like you, my dad, and my brother. Besides, you’ve never really been the type to encourage me to follow my dreams, more like ‘get my damn coffee and so help me God if you spill it on my laptop again, I will ruin you.’”

She says the last part in a mocking tone, like she’s impersonating me.

Damon: “Man, your boss sounds like a prick,” Damon: “I’m asking if I can take you back to your room”

—he slips his hand behind my neck—

Damon: “and strip off your clothes so that you’re completely naked and at my mercy.”

He nips my bottom lip and a jolt of electricity shoots right to the junction between my thighs, wetness pooling.

Damon: “I want to explore every delicious inch of your body with my tongue,”

he whispers in my ear as his tongue snakes out and curls around my earlobe. My eyes roll back in my head and I’ve completely forgotten I’m in the middle of a dance floor with my friends staring at me.

Damon: “And then,”

he continues, dragging his lips up my neck, planting small kisses along the way,

Damon: “I want to fuck you so thoroughly, so deep that no other man will ever come close to making you come like I will over and over again.”

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