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A Greene Family Christmas by Piper Rayne

A Greene Family Christmas

by Piper Rayne


Book 9.5 in The Greene Family series

Preparing a Christmas to remember is no small feat with a family the size of the Greenes.

Especially, when the woman who has always been the planner down to every minute detail falls ill, only five days before the holiday.

The family has no choice but to scramble to ensure that nothing is amiss. Cookies need to be decorated, gingerbread houses assembled and decorations to be hung. They’ll need every hand on deck, young and old to pitch in and what would a Greene holiday be if not chaotic with a dash of drama?



I was lucky enough to discover the writing duo known as Piper Rayne this year, and very quickly devoured their Bailey family and Greene family series. When I saw that the Greene family series "ended" with a Christmas novella, I knew I wanted it to be my first holiday read of the year.

It was cute! I was quickly reimmersed into the Greene family romances, and it made me want to read more of the spin off books in the Lake Starlight series (I'm a book or two behind I believe). This family is just so fun, and it's a testiment to Piper Rayne that they are able to keep track of so many couples and their families. While all the chapters featured a different person/couple, it made a very cohesive short story, that left a smile on your face ... and a little sadness because everyone you fell in love with is getting older.

A Greene Christmas was a short, sweet holiday romance that gives us an update on our favorite couples, and a taste of what is to come in Lake Starlight. If you loved the Greene Family series, you will love this too!

Facing forward, he asks,

Dad: “Are you pregnant?”

Calista: “What?”

I laugh.

Calista: “With whose baby? I know it’s close to Christmas, but don’t expect an immaculate conception.”

He shrugs.

Dad: “I was young once. You know you were conceived from a one-night stand where we didn’t get each other’s names. Things happen.”

Calista: “Unfortunately, yes. You and Mom really should’ve thought about keeping some details to yourself.”

Josh: “Boy, you really don’t value that place at the top of the Greene family tree under favorite, huh?”

Emelia narrows her eyes at him in annoyance.

Molly: “We don’t have favorites,”

Peyton: “Except me,”

Peyton’s cute voice pipes up. But one day she’ll come home from college with a clown for a boyfriend too.

Emelia: “He reminds me a lot of you,”

A dark chuckle leaves my lips.

Jed: “That’s not a good thing. I’m fully aware of what an ass I am.”

This isn’t good. My wife can be scary when she’s upset. Like the time I off-handily mentioned Micah, our youngest, was an oops. I’ll never forget that look. But he was. He came six years after his sister. Eventually the kid will figure it out.

Presley: “We’re going to be the latest rumor.”

I laugh with my wife and run my hand up and down her back.

Cade: “I don’t care. Shows we aren’t too old to fuck in a truck.”

She looks up at me and kisses my jaw.

Presley: “It was hot and all, but I kind of like all the room we have on our bed.”

I shake my head, chuckling, because I agree. There are about a million other things I wanted to do to her that I couldn’t.

Cade: “And it would’ve been nice to save the car insurance deductible for Christmas presents.”

Presley: “True.”

Calista: "You need to take these back.”

I take my chances and step forward.

Rylan: “Why?”

I lower my voice.

Calista: “Don’t even try it, Ry. We’re over, remember?”

Rylan: “I know, and I sent those to you because I was at the florist, and I saw them and remembered you love them and that they make you smile. You weren’t smiling the other day when I saw you, and you should be smiling every fucking day.”

Every day since she walked out, the remembrance of having her has grown dimmer and I want a refresher.

My hand lands on her hip and I step into her, locking her against the counter with my hips while my lips capture hers. And holy hell, it’s as intoxicating as always. Maybe even more so, because now I know what it’s like to live without her.

Althea continues to tell Rylan that I don’t really want her to have a boyfriend, but it’s hypocritical because of how Lucy and I fell in love so young.

Rylan: “Love is complicated, Thea. Give yourself some time, there’s no rush. When he comes into your life, you’ll know the time is right.”

She points and we follow like little ducklings with their mama. What can I say? I married a badass bitch.

Hank: “Let’s make a toast!”

Hank comes over to where I sit.

Hank: “Thirty-one years ago, a woman and her four kids showed up in Sunrise Bay and changed mine and my five kids’ lives forever. Then we added another one to the mix.”

Everyone smiles at Rylan.

Jed: “You mean accidentally added another,”

Jed says and puts his arm around Rylan.

Hank: “Regardless, two Greene families were brought together until death do they part. You’ve all given me such a gift, my heart overflows with happiness. Thank you to everyone, but especially my girl. You always know what our family needs, and it makes me love you even more.”

Hank raises his glass while tears build in my eyes, and we all clink them before taking our sips.

Marla: “This is definitely the good life,”

I say and give Hank a kiss.


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