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A Dirty Wedding Night by Jaine Diamond

A Dirty Wedding Night

by Jaine Diamond


Book 2.5 in the Dirty Series

What would a wedding night be without s*x… and lots of it?

Rock star Jesse Mayes just married his dream girl, Katie Bloom, at an epically romantic wedding.

Love and lust are in the air, and the newlyweds aren’t the only ones in the mood…

A Dirty Vow

When the groom carries his bride off to their luxury honeymoon cabin to celebrate in naked privacy, their dirtiest—and most swoon-worthy—vows to each other really begin.

A Dirty Secret

A freezing, midnight skinny dip leads to a steamy, lustful shower, a flower defiled by foreplay, and a secret marriage on the verge of being discovered.

A Dirty Lie

A mysterious alpha reconnects with a former-lover-turned-enemy over a bottle of tequila, torrid memories, and a flaming, revengeful reunion by firelight.

A Dirty Deal

A mischievous bad boy proposes an irresistible friends-with-benefits solution to a naked, heartbroken friend. What could go wrong?


Rockstar Romance


A Dirty Wedding Night is a novella in the Dirty series, written by Jaine Diamond. It has four short stories, each one centering on one couple: Jesse and Katie in A Dirty Vow, Maggie and Zane in A Dirty Secret, Roni and Jude in A Dirty Lie, and Elle and Ashley in A Dirty Deal. In Dirty Like Brody, after the wedding reception, the band and some close friends are gathered around a campfire for an after party. We know what happens with Brody and Jessa, but what of the others?

Okay, I think the best way to go about this is to do it by story. Just to keep my thoughts clear.

A Dirty Vow - I really enjoyed this one. I love Jesse and Katie, and the vows they were pledging in their honeymoon suite were ridiculously cute. I mean, seriously - these two are just too damn adorable. Chemistry is still there, banter is good, sex is hot ... the only thing I didn't like was --------spoiler---------> when Jesse is going down on Katie outside their suite, and Elle, who isn't over Jesse at this point, and is still sad, had to see it. That sucks for Elle, and Jesse has always seemed indifferent to her feelings. I do agree with Jesse that they are allowed to be happy, and enjoy their wedding night, but I just wish he was more sensitive towards someone who was his friend for years before they started dating. <-----------------. Regardless, this is a perfect short story for Jesse and Katie fans.

A Dirty Secret - This story is the reason why I had to backtrack, and read the prequel before I continued - because in order to understand Maggie and Zane's story, you needed to know how they got to this point in their relationship. I liked this short story of them, but I hated how Maggie treated Zane. It made me like Maggie less, which sucks, because I like her! UGH.

A Dirty Lie - Okay, so I liked this one. There is hinted bad blood/water under the bridge history between them, which I'm interested in learning about. There is some obvious chemistry between these two, and it shows in the banter and sex. And while I wasn't crazy about Roni's character in Jessa and Brody's book, I like how she gives no shits what other people think about her sex life. No shame. It's awesome. Can't wait to read their story.

A Dirty Deal - Because I read this book out of order from the next one, and know a bit of both of their futures, I wasn't sure if I would like this one. But I was looking forward to something GOOD happening for Elle after what happened in Jesse and Katie's short story. So for that, I enjoyed it. The sex was hot. ---------spoiler-----------> But knowing the future here suckkkks. <---------------

All in all, this novella isn't bad. It's spice content is great, and it isn't wasted words. Each story does something for the reader. With Jesse and Katie, its a step back to the couple that started it all, and some hot, sweet, and funny moments of their wedding night. With Maggie and Zane, it gives us an idea of what has been going on since the prequel, and sets up more for their story later in the series. For Jude and Roni, it introduces us to a bit of their history, and hints to their future. And with Elle and Ash, how their "agreement" came about, that will affect both their stories. It's a fun read, for the most part, which is great after how much of a bummer Brody and Jessa's story is.

Then we did the obligatory round of goodnight hugs and kisses and backslaps. We got congratulated, yet again. Then I picked up my new wife and tossed her over my shoulder, despite her mild protests, and finally, we got the fuck out of there.

Zane: “Don’t come back ’til she’s popped your cherry!”

Zane called after us as we disappeared into the dark of the trees.

Dylan: “Go easy on him, Katie! He’s new at this!” Jesse: “I will always listen to your problems, and hold back your hair when you barf, and be patient with your moods.”

He glanced at me sidelong.

Jesse: “Even when you’re on the rag and you get weepy.”

Katie: “Amazing,”

I said, with somewhat-mock adoration.

Katie: “So gallant, babe.”

Jesse: “Thank you. I try.” Jesse: “I promise to hire a personal trainer for you if you start to get fat?”

I pinched his butt cheek. Hard.

Katie: “Lame! And grounds for divorce.”

He grinned a wicked grin, making me wonder if that one was even on the paper.

Katie: “Unless it’s my idea. Otherwise, I’ll get as fat as I damned well want to.”

He lowered his eyelids and gave me the same blatant eye-fucking he’d given me the first time we met… and countless times since.

Jesse: “I promise to do you, even if you get fat.”

Katie: “Well, thank you. I guess.”

Jesse: “That one wasn’t even written down. I improvised.”

I squeezed his ass and gave him an overly-sweet smile.

Katie: “And I promise to do you, even if you get fat and bald.”

Jesse: “Aww. Don’t make me cry.” Jesse: “I promise to try anything you want in bed at least once.”

Katie: “Anything…?”

My fingers crept toward his butt crack.

Jesse: “Anything.”

He swatted my hand away.

Jesse: “Don’t abuse it. Oh, this one’s key. I promise if you get bored of me, I’ll make myself more interesting.”

I laughed, hard.

Katie: “That’s… shit. I don’t even know what to say to that. Thanks?”

Jesse: “You’re welcome.”

My hand had found its way back to his ass, and my fingertip crept between his butt cheeks again. I just loved making him squirm…

Jesse: “I promise I won’t fart in bed unless I really, really have to,”

he said, straight-faced. I snatched my hand back.

Katie: “Ew.”

Jesse: “What? That’s how much I respect you.”

He leaned in and gave me a quick, soft kiss I didn’t return.

Katie: “Okay… So you’ll still respect me if I have to?”

Jesse: “Not allowed.”

Katie: “What?”

Jesse: “Deal-breaker.”

I laughed, pushing him away.

Katie: “What am I supposed to do? What if I’m sick or something?”

Jesse: “Crawl into the bathroom and shut the door behind you.”

Katie: “You are such a pig.”

He kissed me again, his lips lingering suggestively on mine as his tongue teased the sensitive inner flesh of my upper lip.

Jesse: “You married me.” Katie: “Oh, shit!”

I sat up, shoving him off, and wriggled out from beneath him.

Jesse: “The hell are you going?”

He grabbed at me but I squirmed away, rolling out of bed.

Katie: “I have a wedding night gift for you, too!”

I dashed into the en suite bathroom; I couldn’t believe I’d almost forgotten.

Jesse: “If you have to fart, just say so.”

I rolled my eyes at him and slammed the door. Zane: “Geography can’t keep us apart, babe.”

Maggie: “Actually, it can. Your dick isn’t that long.” Zane: “Christ, Maggs.”

I pulled out.

Zane; “Please tell me you’re fucking kidding me, and you’re about to shove me on my back and hop on for a ride. ’Cause I know you love going for a ride.”

She scowled at me, also panting, but it was true. Maggie loved being on top. Taking it on her back was not her usual style. Neither was telling me to pull out seconds before she had a screaming, scorching orgasm.

Zane: “If not, that was about the shittiest thing a chick has ever done to me. And I once had a girl stab me.”

Maggie: “With a hair brush,”

Zane: “It was sharp.” Fuck me. Maggie, jealous? Total fucking turn on. Shouldn’t be. I knew that. But my dick never lied to me. Roni: “HEEEYYYYY JUDE—”

Jude: “Fuck!”

He sat up like a shot.

Jude: “Jesus! Don’t sing the fuckin’ song.”

I laughed. I fucking howled with laughter.

Roni: “You should see your fucking face!”

Jude: “Shit. She sings me the fuckin’ Beatles while I’ve got my cock in my hand.”

In no particular hurry, he wrestled his hard dick into his sweats, which tented rudely.

Jude: “You think I haven’t heard that song enough in my goddamn life?”

Roni: “So blame your parents.”

Jude: “I do. Fuckin’ hippies.” Roni: “So now it’s all work and no play for poor Jude?”

He cracked a rare smile, the deep dimples flashing in his cheeks. And I felt the tiniest surge of victory—even as that smile hit me, right between the legs.

Jude: “I play when I want to.” Elle: “I’m gonna freeze regardless. I was kinda hoping to stay in here until the sun at least came up.”

Ash: “Still gonna freeze. That’s why we’re gonna dance.”

Just then, the beat of the song kicked in. Ash looked down at me out of the corner of his eye and smirked.

Ash: “Welcome to your breakup party.”

Okay. That got me. I had to smile back. I totally grinned, actually.

Elle: “Always wanted one of those,”


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